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  1. Hello Mr Grumpy. There is something that has been on my mind forever. What is the source of the pic The Company used for the title page of Tower Of God S1 Ep 73 onwards? I am a man of culture and I need it for research purposes.

    1. Hi ya. Sorry but I wasn’t the one who made the cover for that chapter. So, I’m not sure.

      Though generally from people asking. The backtatoo girl is Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari.

      The second frequently asked girl who is real is Lee Hyori.

  2. With tog now having an anime, it brought me back to memories of when this group were the ones translating it. I really miss them, I kept up with scripts because I had always preffered your translations over the official. I especially miss the siu blog translations at the end of each chapter. I hope you’re doing well during these darker times

  3. Thank you for everything you did. It’s really fun reading ToG and seeing your comments, end notes, funny pics etc. I don’t feel alone on this journey. I hope grumpy, crazy, and everyone else whom I can’t remember easily the names are doing fine. It will be sad that I will have to read a translation without your comments and stuff after the first epilogue of season 2 of ToG but well! It would have been a fun adventure. Thanks again.

    1. It has been our adventure translating these series as well. I’m happy to know that the experiences are being treasured all these years later.

  4. Hey Grumpy, I just want to say, your translations for ToG are so much better than the official webtoons ones. I’m currently on chapter 109 season 2, and I’m finding it hard to continue reading because of the drastic changes to the common terms used. ToG is a great manwha, it’s a shame they ruined it with their terrible translations. I wish they would pay you to proofread it instead.

  5. Hello Mr. Grumpy, I’ve just recently discovered ToG, thank you and all The Company for translating, typsetting, redrawing and proofreading this manga. I know sooner or later I’ll reach the end of your translations, but I still wanted to thank you in advance for doing such amazing thing.

  6. Hi Grumpy, I just wanted to say that your translations were way better than the official ones and really appreciate what you provided for season 1.

  7. Hey, Grumpy. What you guys did for the whole scanlation (and even official) community is legendary, appreciate it.

    1. And we appreciate that we still are being appreciated after all these years. Shows what we did is a permanent part of history.

  8. Hey just wanted to say I appreciate all the work you guys have done especially for tog, I saw that there was a discord but unfortunately the link was dead is there a ne one?

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