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  1. Gandharva kicking ass! B) Though kicking the wrong asses. D:

    You guys did a Brilliant work on the SFX!

    Oh by the way, you used the wrong shade to clean the bubble where Asha says “I need to consult the other magicians in the guild.” You see some greys mixed in with the white. It’s barely noticeable though.

    I’ve also noticed that Siera’s overlapping bubbles where he talks about how difficult it is to close the gates, and Ran’s overlapping bubbles when he’s screaming, seem to have different shades, but apparently it’s like that in the raws too. xP

    1. Ack, thanks for catching. Fixed (along with a few other off-color bubbles I found, too, whoops…)

      1. Great job! πŸ˜€ It’s probably because Currygom used two different shades for white-ish bubbles this chapter, so I guess it confused the cleaners. xP

  2. That headbutt is so badass.

    But… what Maruna said reminds me of a Seinfeld episode:
    Maruna: “Do women know about shrinkage?”
    Sagara: “It shrinks?”
    Maruna: “Like a frightened turtle!”

    Gandharva: “I was in the pool! I WAS IN THE POOL!”

  3. I don’t want to spoil anything… But at latest chapter at Naver… On last panel… It is Teo? O_o ???

  4. @colonywars

    My theory is that Gandharva just sort of picked up her lifeless body because he was holding her when he went super sayain and she became a part of him. However I wouldn’t be totally surprised if he is actually funneling his energy into her and healing her slowly, and stopping her from dieing.

    1. Well… It could be possible. It depends how much is She damaged, and how much life energy it will be needed to resurrect Her. Maybe that is why Agni jump off and stop attacking Him? We will see, when translation will be done πŸ˜€

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