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    1. Ah that’s strange. D: The delay should be off by now, and I can see the chapter without problems even logged out. Try clearing your cache or viewing it in a different browser?

      1. Yup thanks, just had to wait a bit and it works fine.

        Also thanks for all the great work you guys do with releasing manwha for us!

  1. Ech… I feel really sad for the Priestess of Chaos… πŸ™ I Hope, that Her adopted child will be all right! Thank You πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you!γ€€:D Oh Teo, why are you so badass? Why did you have to get involved with a fishy guy like Gandharva? You deserve so much better. T_T

  3. Thanks for the translations. I’ve been following the fan raw summaries on batoto lately. Despite contemplating to read, I’m glad I chose to check your release. I do not recall the detail where hura wuestions cloche about shakuntala’s fate. It kinda suggests she has information or a strong opinion based on some fact, which the other clans do not know? Maybe the ananta clan even played an active role towards that fate. However, I do not expect hura to stress on this detail later(he doesn’t seem bright enough). I’m guessing the author wants the readers to develop a suspicion and maybe instill caution against completely sympathising with the ananta clan – or at least sagara and her circumstances.

    1. The fan raw summaries aren’t that accurate, it’s Always better to read the proper translations. xD

      As for Hura, I suspect he’s smarter than he looks. He’s just impulsive because he’s near impossible to kill.

      1. Fine, I shall reduce my faith in fan raw summaries’ accuracy by 1% =P

        You’re correct, I was wrong in saying not bright.
        He’s street smart: Implicating cloche is partaker of a collusion, while shipping it as a naive question.
        however, hura just seemed to be having fun at cloche’s discomfit. And unlike someone like sagara, I doubt he’ll ever incorporate this information into any plan(hura world domination project?)

        In general I’d think of him as the carefree smartass with a knack for getting in trouble at school.

        1. Ah, true, Hura’s a smartass but not a schemer. He may blurt out information to the wrong party without thinking though. xD

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