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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Looking forward to the next one!

    Sorry if I’m being a bother, but what exactly is slowing down the Kubera releases? Is it the abscence of a cleaner? If it’s only this, I will try to convince a friend of mine who’s good at this stuff to join you for this project, so please tell me…

    1. There’s one less nick in the credits here.
      true, fembot appears to be managing both cleaning and typesetting, but that doesn’t mean his tasks are causing a congestion in the pipeline :0

      The arc dealing with sagara’s attack on Brilith’s city should make an interesting re read meanwhile.

    2. It’s just this past week and current week that most of the team working on Kubera is pretty busy with RL stuff–with school terms starting up again and whatnot, so we’ve been a bit slower with releases. We already have a dedicated weekly cleaner though (Ral), so we don’t need any others at this time. 🙂 Once we catch up again to the current chapter we can hopefully go back to weekly releases.

      1. I figured as much. Back-to-school season is tough for everyone! Thanks for bringing us this AWESOME chapter despite your busy schedules! 😀

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