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  1. thanks for the chapter!! i wonder what was that atack baam used against the stone hand i could not figure it out…

  2. Next chapter:
    Koon runs into the building and stops abruptly as he sees the carnage all around before his eyes. Blood, bone and interior fluids covering almost every surface in sight… and in the middle of it all a single silent figure covered in gore and darkness is standing with Ran’s head in one hand and tears of blood running from beneath his hair-covered eyes down his cheeks. Whereas the severed head with its terrified and unbelieving look on its face stared with dull and glassy eyes up into his reapers …to be continued

  3. Thanks a lot!
    I’ve always wanted to say how I appreciate your work! I’m happy you do not give up the series and maintain high quality despite all third-rate pirate teams trying to steal top projects! Fighting!

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