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  1. Thx for another great chapter!

    Btw, winning eleven as pes…a SK video game? I always thought it was Japanese. 🙂

  2. Poor Quant… and not just financially, it seems like he’s always getting screwed over.

  3. They are probably scouting Baam. My guess is Baam is going to become a member of both FUG and Wolhaiksong. Its possible right because there are a few rankers who are members of both.

    1. Also what the heck is a giant crab doing in the middle of a soccer field? Did SIU not think we wouldn’t notice that?

    1. Cuz honestly its amazing that you have devoted some much time into this and it would just be a shame if you quit now. Can’t wait for the update!

  4. I just caught up with this series. I just have a question, what is the release schedule of this webcomic? Weekly like most mangas?

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