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  1. Whoa, the Tower is by far more crowded than the earth!?
    (Seriously, 3 trillion regulars?)
    If these are just the ones who have been allowed to enter the tower, I don’t even want to imagine how many live outside it…

  2. The only thing missing from the population estimates is that SIU hasn’t given us any mortality rates.

    But, thinking on it, if the mass slaughter of regulars like with the other group back at the 2nd floor is a relatively common thing on the other floors, I suspect the overall numbers would be a lot smaller.

    1. And how exactly are they fitting everyone in on these floors. Each is supposedly the size of of the U.S. or North America. There are 134 floors. If the population of sentient beings/races is approximately 10 trillion. Than 10 trillionpeople/134floors equals about


      Could 74 billion people live on the continent of North America? We probably couldn’t even imagine sustaining such a population with current technology. You would also have to consider the amount of land necessary to feed this many people. Plus you have to consider that their are entire ecosystems on most of these floors with innumerable amounts of mostly aquatic and some terrestrial life. So you would have to squeeze that in as well.

      So the only possible explanation that they haven’t all starved yet is some sort of sorcery or magic is at work keeping the population alive(probably through some shinsoo bullshit). Unless SIU goes back and changes the size of the floors which is unlikely.

      1. Except that the INNER floors are that size, at the least. There’s a lot of people living in the middle tower, even if they’re regulars.

  3. So red hair called Wangnang “Prince of the red light district”, if i’m correct it means that he’s the son of Zahard with a prostitute. It could mean that he’s able to kill Zahard because of a loophole in the law. Or there’s something else special about him.
    It could also indicate that the shut-in/gamer princess was talking about Wangnang when she said “Soon, the prince of Zahard will return” in Season 2 Prologue.

    1. I wouldn’t draw a final conclusion like that. While heavily implied, SIU did mention specifically to watch and see what it really means in the after notes.

      1. Also Kakara has a similar ring. That probably means he is also from the Red Light District and might know who Wangnan is when he meets him. If Wangnan were able to kill Zahard why wouldn’t FUG have found him since they already knew who he was long before Baam entered the tower.

  4. Thanks for the great chapter and the fast release.
    About, the number, that’s a good approximation of the number of regulars who WERE in the tower since the beginning. But with all the slaughter going on, the number should be much less.
    For instance, if you take a rough estimate, there are 133 floors, let’s suppose that it takes the same time to climb each floor and that you have the same chances to succed in each floor and that when someone definitely fail the test, he is no longer considered a regular.

    Given the average time to climb is 500 years and zahard enterred the tower thousands of years ago (let’s say 5000, just a guess) so let’s first divide the number by ten to account only for the regulars who have entered in the last 500 years : n=50 billions -> 1 trillions

    The chance to pass each lvl is p(level)=p(total)^(1/133)=87% to 89%

    The portion of the people of the last 500 years who are still active regulars is : (1/133)*SUM(p(level)^(k-1))=6.1 -> 6.2 %

    A rough estimate of the number of active regulars is then from 3 billions to 60 billions.

    That’s still a lot but not as much as previously stated 🙂

    Ps : It would be more correct to account for longer duration to climb the higher levels of the tower, thus reducing drastically again the number of active regulars.
    Another effect would be the fact that after lvl 20 regulars can stay on the floor of their choice for as long as they want even if they don’t take the test : it should raise the number.
    A last effect is that their seems to be floor with low percentage of passage (like lvl 2 or 20) and easy floors (after all the success average is 87%) but it is difficult to account for this one.

    1. Sigh… I already posted this in Season 2 chapter 29 but its become relevant again. Mine was a slightly different caculation based on SIU’s words and not Koons though. They still seem similar in number though.

      Hey We can now almost estimate the population of the tower. There are 100,000 rankers including 1000 highrankers. SIU stated that the chances of becoming a regular are less than the chances of winning the lottery. I don’t know what the chances of winning in Korea are but in America its between 18-120million to 1.(depending on if its state lottery or national). So all we got to do is multiply that by the number of rankers and that would be the population of sentient beings in the tower.
      However this calculation is assuming we are not counting deaths. But if we had the rate of how many people become rankers a year than we could calculate the population in the tower.
      But if its even less than the chances of winning the lottery than those deaths don’t matter. Its got to be a pretty big population. Although each floor is the size of North America I question if such a population is possible on the ammount of land they have. The answer Magic!!!

  5. For some reason, I laughed at the comment “I did what I could for Leesoo”. He will forever wear a purple tracksuit.

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