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  1. Thanks for the release~
    So nice to include Hanja names for the techniques~
    I’m Chinese so it’s funny to me how those names sound so damn cool in Chinese, but funny as hell in English lol.

    1. there is one week between two chapter,thats the same for the original release.for me there is no problem, thanks the company and keep up the good work,you rock

    2. Hey, The Company are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. Who cares how long it takes to release, they provide an excellent product at no charge to us!

  2. Thanks for the release
    Beggars can’t be choosers but I’d chose the quality of your release any day 😛

  3. Thanks for the long chapter!!! Urek〜^_^〜 is so cool and lol I was one of those who searched for him.

  4. Thanks for the release! I wonder if baam had his copy ability before even entering the tower. Maybe that’s how he was able to get into the tower. He just copied rachel’s opening of the door.

        1. Am I totally spaced out but didnt Rachel get to the tower thru Baam? she was a mistake… its was him opening it up the first time when she got thru? or did i miss something?

  5. Thanks for the chapter. I accidentally read some of Manga Pirate’s release and ruined the first few pictures, but quickly stopped. I’m glad I didn’t contribute to those guy’s ad $ thanks to ABP and Ghostery, since they give little to the scanlator instead of all (or giving it to SIU). Batoto shall always remain white listed in my heart… >.>
    All’s well that ends well! Thanks again for the release and making me claw at my eyes to keep away from MP’s release for almost a week. :p

  6. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Man, I was so excited for this chapter and it didn’t disappoint. Thanks once again for the awesome work guys! 😀

  7. I follow ToG for long time and you do great work. Thank you guys for the release.

  8. Dear The Company/Godai, I feel as though your long rant and explanation at the end was not truly necessary for those who have kept up with the series AND SIU’s posts.

    What you are sorta doing by featuring a long proof-type argument is that you making out the fanbase to be totally hopeless in following this series. This series is truly not that hard to follow if you’ve read it from the beginning and kept up with SIUs posts. I understand that the reason you may have included this essay was because there are quite a few people who still don’t believe Baam or Rachel are irregulars even though the author stated it himself(and other proven facts). However these sorts of fantards are found in basically every series in existence. You could explain it PERFECTLY to these sorts of fan and they still wouldn’t believe you. So you’re wasting your time catering to these sorts of fans in the lengthy proof-type format you had at the end. Especially when you included things, that although likely, have not been explicitly proven yet(Or stated by SIU). Fantards will try to use these as a way to discredit your whole argument.

    Just trying to say that all you really need to include for us is the translations from SIU’s blog. You shouldn’t have to be held accountable for doing additional work in analyzing the series for those not competent enough to do it themselves. But do what you want in the end.

    1. some fanbase elitism going on here. there is no need to call others incompetent. just chill. on a side note, i also don’t think the interps. are necessary. but the translations of siu’s notes and afterword are awesome, ty

  9. Thank you so much

    Urek Mazino is awesome:D

    On a side note, I really appreciated the essay. Even though had I already understood the facts stated, it was well written and went more in depth, which I found was quite interesting.

    Thank you for you hard work, always

  10. SIU is a genius… I said it folks!
    Oh man Urek is a flying roundhouse windmill mule scissor kicing beast.
    I want that tatto, without the MAZINO of course.
    THCMPNY is flawless .. I said that too!
    Thanks guys. May your travels be gentle.

  11. Thank you so much for translating and releasing this chapter. And we like your site, it’s fun and refreshing ^^

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