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  1. Wow. Robert Aisand – badass. I think I have a new favorite character-who-has-never-played-a-role-or-appeared.

    1. He seems like a weird character…Really makes me feel sorry for Urek Mazino and changes my impression of him. Phantaminum must be out of this world powerfull. So I guess the ranking really is power-wise and not the level of ones accomplishments.

  2. Do you guys really think that that’s Urek? i still have my doubts… but it would be so cool if it was true

    1. ^ i agree with the above why would ever somebody tattoo his own name on his back, more likely he’s some Walaiksong fanboy

  3. I doubt that’s Urek. Yuri already said before that Urek is waiting for Baam at the 77th floor. I don’t think he would show up this early.

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