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The Company is Currently Recruiting!

Translator [2 Positions]


Treasure Hunter And others

We are currently recruiting for a variety of positions. No experience necessary!

We’re looking to recruit people for several projects, and we particularly need translators. Though I only named Treasure Hunter, there’s a couple of others that need help, so if you have any interest in any of the projects we do, think about joining us. And since it’s the summer, I know you have the spare time 😛

All the information you need is at the link below, but feel free to contact us with questions. We are available via our forums or our IRC channel (#thecompany on




  1. AllegedTumor says:

    Unfortunately the only thing I’m competent at is the English language and even there I’m only half-way to being a qualified editor.

    • Martha says:

      A really good answer, full of rattlnaoiiy!

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  2. loskierek says:

    Well I have never done any cleaning but I am fast learner and if I could help in any way possible then I would be plenty happy ^^, all I need to do is just get all the korean messages to dissaper right ?

  3. Uri says:

    Hello~ I was just reading some comics on mangareader, mangafox, etc, and saw that there were some Korean webtoons and that you guys edit them!! I was just wondering, exactly HOW do you edit them to look so nice, as if you didn’t edit them? esp like the clear speech bubbles. Does the real author to those webtoon give you permission and give you guys a raw copy with no words? or..???? VERY CURIOUS. please answer this. XD

    I would LOVE to contribute, if that’s…okay? if I can and have the time….


    • Fembot says:

      Haha, no, the authors don’t give us any clean copies (though that would make things much, much easier :P). We use image-editing software, most commonly Photoshop, to edit out the Korean text and the redraw the art over sound effects before typesetting it back in as English. The key to editing them to look so nice is simply lots of time, patience, and practice.

      If you want to try applying to help out, our recruitment forum is located here:

  4. Truelico says:

    I have n skills in editing, or anything else.
    Well, I’m fluent in english and german and I can speak and write japanese and french slowly.
    And I’m willing to learn.
    So, basically, I am compeltely useless, yet I really want to help the company. Any possibility?

  5. Hey there. Im interested in helping proof read and fix up any spelling/grammar mistakes. If you have any spots up for grabs, please consider contacting me. I have a LOT of spare time. Mind you, I live in Australia, so the time difference is significant.
    Anyway, thanks for reading this.
    PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!
    <3 NerdLilBluebird

  6. thedachshund says:

    Im interested in being a translator. I sent an application and the test so i hope it would be fine.

  7. Roman says:

    So y’all arent looking for recruits?

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