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  1. Accidently played “Libera me From Hell” over most of this chapter.

    It worked amazingly well, if you read at the right pace.

  2. AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Woot. For a minute there, I thought Viole would just laugh. Well, it isn’t his style anyway. I wonder now if he will take them in as comrades.

  3. Also, what’s up with those weird red horns on the back of Wangnan’s head? They can be seen in the second to last frame.
    They don’t look natural.

    1. @Gameshoes he’s always had those horns. lol. you can see them up whenever he’s with viole and love very clearly.

    2. He’s always had those horns and since day 1, I’ve had the urge to reach up and break them off. Anyone else get the urge to break his horns?

  4. So I wonder of the “Right Hand” gives the power of the Devil to people? It would make sense now that there are two.

    1. I don’t understand what you mean by two?

      My understanding of it was that one was the real “Devil of the Right Hand”

      While the other was the fake. Probably the track suit guy is a fake.

      1. Why does one have to be a fake? Can’t “Devil of the Right Hand” be a title also? They both have special right hands and the name implies that it was a power bestowed upon them by the “Right Hand”. Therefore couldn’t the “Right Hand” give the power to multiple people?
        Just like the Koon siblings fight with each other this would be a battle of them fighting to show the right hand that they are worthy of his power.
        He could only be a fake in the sense that he was not the Devil that bested Hatsu. But if he’s a fake than he is a very powerful fake as Viole acknowledged him.

        1. Rapdevil is a fake. The guy is trying to imitate Horyang. I thought it was weird that he wasn’t all that despite being highly talked about his power wasn’t all that great. Also despite having seen the hand in the stongest shinsoo test Viole says he wuld like to see it O.O and finally there is the fact that the term devil is blood thirsty and evil beyond human understanding and Rapdevil was already close to that. It would have been called the right hand of the devil if that was true. On the other hand Horyang is a fairly kind and calm person so the wording for the arm is more accurate.

          1. If you use your right hand to kill people it doesn’t matter if you are a devil or not people are still going to nickname your right hand. Viole saying he wants to see it could be sarcasm but it could also be that he wants to fight the power granted by the Right Hand.
            He’s not a fake if the power was granted to both is what I’m saying. I think it would be much cooler if it were a power granted but whatever. I guess we will see next chapter I guess.

  5. Why do i keep getting the feel that baam’s new team will meet with koon’s/androssi team in the future

    1. What do you mean you ‘get the feeling’ isn’t it utterly obvious they are going to clash at some point. Sui has already said that the two parts will gradually come together.

  6. Mega-Enjoyable chapter seeing all the bad guys get thrown. Thanks Company for TLing ch20 for us!

  7. Cheers for the chapter. Also is it just me or was drool coming out of yeon’s mouth O.O’ We may have a Tsundere Masochist here.

  8. i can’t wait for the translation of the new chapter. what i have seen looks very promising 🙂 thank you, thcmpny!

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