Tower of God: Season 2 Ch 13 – 20F – The Untrustworthy Room (03)

No idea why I’m the one releasing this, but… Enjoy! (Because my life sucks and I’m sleep deprived -Trebor)

(Edit: Slight v2, for writing “Wave catcher” instead of “controller” in the notes.)

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Season 2, Ch13

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  1. Great chapter 13! Great line, too, “Shhh, there are kids listening.”

    Thx Company for another installment!

  2. I really liked the afterword, it clearly said how the series will be. The exploration of the world, not just one character. Here’s hoping it’ll cut down on the complaining about how it’s not the next bleach or whatever.

    1. That being said, the author does seem to only be following the characters on the levels where Baam is at. The only case where we have followed another character for a substantial period, thats on a different floor than Baam, is Princess Yuri. There are flashbacks to different floors but the regulars in those flashbacks are always on the same level as Baam at the present. That’s why we conclude its about Baam.

      I think its more a matter of Baam being an irregular. It is widely known that irregulars bring change to the tower. Thus, this story is about the change to the tower brought upon by Baam. Seeing as he’s a member of FUG now it is highly likely he will change the tower by fighting Zahard.

      I thought it interesting how the author didn’t refer to Viole as Baam now that its 100 percent confirmed. This could indicate that perhaps Viole really is Baams new self and it’s not just his persona.

      1. SIU have said before that we’ll see more character during this season we will follow many different character and we will see more of the characters from season 1 then Baam.

        SIU have also said that season 1 was more of a “upper class-characters” and season 2 will be more “middle class”.

        Overall we have no idea how ToG will play about but it’s most likely about the group that will change the tower, Baam will be a big part of it but we’ll probably see alot more of the season 1 characters later on in season 2. Personally, I would love to see Baam meet up with his season 1 group at some point during season 2, or atleast some of them.

        1. What do you count as “following a character”? I see it as having a character appear on multiple consecutive floors. Until we stop haiving the side characters on the same floor as Baam/Viole we are still going to have our attention on the main character, Baam/Viole. He is the main character simply because he’s been in the story the most and we’ve followed him through consecutive floors. If the author wants to make it not seem so than SIU simply has to stop including Baam on every floor.

          This could happen if Baam passes this test by himself and doesn’t make a team with Wangnan’s group. Than the author could still have the story follow Wangnan. It seemed like this arc was suppose to follow Wangan to begin with. But will Baam defeat a ranker?

          1. I wonder if people are forgetting that Lahel/Rachel is also an irregular.

          2. Not sure why I can’t reply to JulieNew but,

            Lahel did not open the door to the tower herself and instead let Baam do it for her. So she is likely not as strong as a typical irregular, and strength is a big part of why irregulars are able to change the tower.

            Besides strength there is also ambition.

            Lahel only wants to see the stars which any normal ranker has access to. I doubt letting any ranker see the stars is a threat to the tower. But, Baam supposedly wants to kill Zahard which would definitely change the tower. So Lahel can only indirectly change the tower by affecting Baam.

          3. Lahel/Rachel wasn’t chosen by the tower, which makes her a weak irregular, but an irregular none the less. I just have a feeling that is that SIU is going to go back and forth Baam or Viole and Lahel or Rachel. Rachel is conniving (which means to conspire to do something considered immoral, illegal, or harmful), which by defination, makes her dangerous. Who knows when Rachel is going to sabotage her teammates to get what she wants.
            I still don’t know why Rachel said “no” in her dreams when she saw Baam leaving with his old friends/teammates after reaching the stars. She did told Baam he has to die, and she did know she had to leave him.

          4. Getting rid of other regulars/teamates is part of what all regulars do when climbing the tower. As long as she gets rid of them at the appropriate times its not really betrayal. It also only matters if they get caught.

            Even if Lahel can commit a crime worse than betraying another regular, it is no where as near illegal as killing Zahard. Right now Lahel/Rachel seems as innocent as a rose compared to Viole/Baam who is conspiring to commit the worst crime to the tower. I guess killing a Guardian is just as bad, but there’s no way Lahel can do either. She just doesn’t have the power.

          5. If anything Yeon(flamethrower girl) shows that even if you kill your teammates, you will only fail the test and can take it again later. And Yeon was only caught because her teamates were burned. Baam was pushed by Lahel with no trace of evidence. In order for Lahel to be targeted she would have to either do something pretty big or not be smart enough to hide the evidence. And Lahel is not stupid. All she wants is to see the stars so why would she care about changing the tower.

  3. Interesting chapter, not what i expected but a good slice of life moment between those two seemed enviable.
    Thanks for the wonderful chapter!!

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