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  1. The funniest thing about this and last chapter is that as an irregular, the “absolute laws” of the Tower don’t apply to him at all.

    I’m not expecting that to come out for a while though, playing that dramatic reveal card too much makes it boring. And putting that on top of the FUG thing will make him the Tower’s official lightning rod of hate.

    1. He can’t reveal that he is an Irregular though if he wants to make it up the tower without Lahel Knowing. I think that is the real reason. He wants to figure out the truth behind Lahel and she will probably try to avoid him at all costs if she knows he’s still alive/trying to reach her.

  2. Baam is being gender-confusing again… lol.
    Wait so they have different gender-rooming? o_O
    I wonder if SIU would ever do what the author of Trace did and make is a twice-a-week series… the wait is killing me

  3. LOL I like the testor, Love, and his “Chicken Love Club” XD

    Thanks, Company, for another great chapter!

  4. Finally. Thanks so much. Tower Of God and Thesis are best webtoon of this site and my most favorite.

  5. Thanks for the chapter! lol its bad that even the characters can’t tell who’s a trap anymore.

  6. Nia definitely had me fooled too. Still wonder what the test admin was shocked about, maybe he/she (not sure anymore) saw what was going on with the ring?

    And of course cant forget my thanks to all you guys translating and making this possible.

  7. Everybody is being trolled. Viole turning out to be a guy. Noodlegirl also turning out to be a guy. Viole suddenly getting out of the tub when asking about Hatsu, and thus seeming to be flashing everybody.

  8. In the first part of the chapter it seems like Wangnan might really want to kill Zahard as well. His thoughts are “Speaking of which, that guy… He’ll Kill Zahard?”. He just looks up thinking “…..” So I believe that maybe Wangnan has a hope that Baam could join him and take care of Zahard together.
    But if the ring symbolizes an oath to Zahard than perhaps Wangnan doesn’t want to kill Zahard. Maybe he just wants to take over.
    Its also funny how the flamthrower girl who failed for killing her tea mates is plotting to kill one of her teammates again. Although this time its a FUG member and I doubt the administrator will care.

  9. That massage-guy was DEFINITELY that main character from God of Bath! The old chairman-guy was there too! Just look at how they sparkled when they finished!

  10. TORTURE TORTURE i tell u.!!!checking everyday to see if a new chapters released..atleast make it 2 in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. TORTURE TORTURE i tell u.!!!checking everyday to see if a new chapters released..atleast make it 2 in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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