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    1. Kukuku Trebor are u exited? Bam gets the like yuri looking flame girl :3
      and Thanks a Lot! for your effort and the quality of the chapter =)

  1. This chapter seems short.. I think it’s because I was rushing to see “Viole” hit the machine I suppose. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. The attack could probably be adlibbed/shortened to ‘Touch of Destruction’ or something. It would fit, looking at what he did this chapter.

      1. I thought of that, but adding more words to it just because they fit in the original language makes it sound clumsy and engrishy.

        The best alternative is to find something reminiscent of fire and destruction. Maybe inferno? Annihilation?

  3. I don’t know why, but I expected Baam/Viole to get a way higher number to the amount of zeroes present.
    Nonetheless, thank you!

  4. I’m pretty sure Baam didn’t use much of his power, ’cause he didn’t want to much~ attention… or at least more than already given…

    FUG members surely would have gotten a higher score than that ranker. He is probably not entirely sure if Baam is from FUG. He will probably test him further to get the necessary evidences. Not to mention that he is a ranker and therefor not brainless. So he will surely first think everything through, get a whole lot of backups and proceed carefully instead just rushing into battle against a foe supposed to be a FUG-member.

    ‘can’t wait to see what gears will be put in motion

    1. there’s another thing thats bothering me. If those 12 million were right, why did the machine went so far back from baams attack ans not from the rankers?

      1. as yeon showed you don’t need to hit hard for a high score. it probably has more to do with how much your attack is strengthen by shinsoo rather than how hard the attack was. therefore even though yeon attack was pitifully weak it was still strengthen a certain % by the shinsoo

        1. I’m pretty sure Baam used a lot of his power. I was the one that said last time that Baam should be able to control his power. So if he is able to and he wants to go undercover why would he make such a higher score than all of them! I said he would have just made like a middle range score to guarantee the pass. Therefore he obviously doesn’t care about attracting attention if he can control his power.

          1. Well, he kinda showed already a supposedly tiny part of his power in the previous test, so it would have been highly suspicious if he had gotten just barely enough points to get in the top eight lil’ turtle ranking 😉

            Well, regarding the whole “attracting attention” part. Just want to point out, that the game is already on.
            FUG made their first move and they wouldn’t have come out to play if they wouldn’t have made sure they could win…

          2. hmm maybe in the particular attacked that baam used, he used only 13XXXX something worth of shinsoo.

    2. I don’t think Baam used alot of his power but I doubt it have anything to do with wanting attention. Baam probably just wants to climb the tower and he doesn’t seem to care alot if people notice him or not.

      The whole “not being noticed by Zahard” wasn’t Baams plan after all and it’s really hard to say what kind of connection Baam had to his “support group” and Yu Han Sung during these five years. Yu Han Sung said to Baam that he refused to heal Rachel after all and then Baam saw her healed anyway so I think their relationship is complicated.

  5. The ranker’s attack scored 100 times more than Baam’s.. I would expect Baam to at least be close to the Ranker when it comes to shinsoo

    1. We’ve never really seen a ranker’s shinsoo in depth yet, so it’s hard to say. Also, it’s quite possible that ranker is also a wave controller.

      I think the only real ranker shinsoo attacks we’ve seen are from Yuri and the guy with the big hammer. They’re probably both a lot stronger than this ranker, but their attacks were gigantic. Also, Baam’s attacks on Horyang and Baldy barely did any damage. Overall, it seems about right. It was done on purpose to show that Baam may be extremely strong for a regular, but he’s still nowhere near a ranker yet.

      1. Maybe so, but the ranker is acting too serious about Baam’s super move even though the ranker scored 100 times more with just a simple punch. It doesn’t really make sense does it?
        Even if the ranker is a wave controller he didn’t have any trouble reaching that score. It wasn’t even a shinsoo attack, he just put some shinsoo on his hand and touched the normally punched the target.
        Baam had to use that super attack to reach 130 thousand, the Ranker barely did anything and got 13 million.

        1. The ranker is serious over the type of move used and the possibility of Baam being a member of FUG, which makes perfect sense.

          The machine is a shinsoo strengthening measurement tool. It may look like a punching machine, but it doesn’t measure destructive strength, just the amount of shinsoo applied. Baam simply used a destructive shinsoo move, while the ranker and Yeon just gathered shinsoo in their hand. Shinsoo has many uses beyond fighting after all.

          1. I think the reason the ranker was surprised with baam’s score/technique was because baam didn’t really punch the thing, he just touched it and then waam! I think the measuring tool only showed how much baam increased the destructive force of his touch, now imagine what score baam would have got if he punched the thing with his strength amplified that much.

  6. Awesome or not I doubt he could directly fight a ranker. He suffered from fighting some regulars, although you could chalk that up to him underestimating them. I can’t wait to see what happens to him and yeon. Wonder if they will end up on the same team. Bet she burns him and he ends up brushing it off like a spec of dust.

  7. I want to propose a ban of any moron that posts first, second, and third.
    I do not care who they are, they are morons and wasted comment space.

    This chapter was great, it at least shows that pussy guy that has all the bodyguards isn’t weak.

    1. I want to propose a ban on people who talk about off topic. And who moan over irrelevant stuff. And the pussy guy is weak. And an ass to boot. Literally.

  8. Wow. He only touched it! That’s so freaking awesome. Definitely badass. Though, like someone said, I’d expect a score closer to the ranker… but I guess maybe he hasn’t hit his full potential yet. Anyway, thanks for ther release.

  9. People please stop trying to compare Baams score to a rankers. ITS only been 5years YET you expect him to be as strong as one. It took Urek the irregular 50 years to climb the tower and that’s one of the fastest scores ever. Assuming Urek was at the level of a Ranker when he passed at least 10 times weaker than a Regular is what we should espect at least the least. It would be even more if that ranker has a proficiency in shinsoo or is a highranker. That also assumes Baams rate of growth is the same as Ureks. If it is less than Urek than Baam would be even weaker compared to a Ranker after 5 years. However Baam now like Androssi should be able to defeat a low Ranker that’s handicapped to a great extent like Androssi was able to.

    1. What One think is to expect Baam to be close, another is not expecting them to be so far apart.
      Baam used that super move to hit 130 thousand. The ranker just effortlessly punched the machine and scored 100 times higher.

      1. As I stated before its only been 5 years. There’s no way they wouldn’t be far apart. Though the ranker used less effort it should be noted that effort has little to do with shinsoo ability. What you can do with shinsoo comes from your talent. Thats why Harang was pissed about this test. You wouldn’t be able to do more than a certain amount by trying “harder” or with strategy. Shinsoo aptitude only gets better with training and time. So no matter how “hard” Baam tried, at his current level it wouldn’t compare to some one who has grown and trained as much as a ranker.

  10. I got the feeling that Baam doesn’t want to use much shinso, he just want to smash the face behind the machine ’cause it’s remind him of the past

  11. Thanks for release! (Is half expecting for people to see the irony in this comment… mainly the other staff members 😛

  12. Vegeta is in the house XD (for those who know the dbz reference)

    Thanks for the chapter (>,,<)

  13. Now I just want to see how high that guy with the yellow eyes does, think he might end up in 4th or so, what do yall think?

    Thanks for the trans!

  14. that yellow guy was suppose to beat hatsu…. I would expect someone that beat hatsu to be a little closer to baam really since hatsu was one of the badass people in season 1

  15. This part of the test is a blatant ripoff of Yu Yu Hakisho’s spiritual energy test lol. Great chap (as always with ToG).

  16. Well for me Baam is special, because of the unique connection between him and the shinsoo. He is’nt simply gifted in it, I think there is more to it.
    Secound: Baam used the shinsoo in his body, not the whole shinsoo around him, so could Baam go higher? Probably.
    But the fact that he used such a dangerous and complicated techinc with ease says a lot.

  17. What also means a lot is that he didn’t use that king of technic to reduce his opponents to ashes in the previous test. Maybe he hasn’t become totally mean after all…

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