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  1. Thanks alot for the translation! I’m getting all tense waiting for the next chapter! I so want to see what Baam will hit! 😀
    Would be fun to see him go way over everyone else while they are having some small fights.

          1. Dang couldn’t resist clicking on that and taking a peak. Kind of wish now that i had not done it.

  2. Baam will probably score just enough to pass. He has no need of flaunting his power if he truly wants to be undercover. He only displayed his power before because the people he eliminates would definitely not be able to talk of him. But for a test like this just doing the bare minimum is all he needs. So the next chapter is probably going to be the “Prince of Zahard” noting how strange it was that Baam scored lower than Horang when he’s actually stronger(I’m guessing Horang is going to pass). I bet it actually takes more skill to be able to control how much power you are actually putting into the punch rather than simply going all out. So therefore it will make Baam seem even more of a Monster!

    1. i thought exacly the same! even more i bet he even wont show his blue flames so that this efect will take place even more but just for the once that already saw him fightig! … on the other side i reeealy hope that he couldn’t overhear the conversation about the flame girl and wants to help her =) this would be at the advantage of Trebor because she sure looks alike yuri xD

      1. I don’t really think it’s that simple, I’m not sure how it will play out but if Baam really was serious about eliminating everyone then I don’t think it was his original plan.
        He was all quiet until his group started talking about “betraying” each other and that seems to have set him off.

        1. How was it not his original plan? He eliminated the three people before him. And you might say they might have provoked him as well. However what about the regular that just arrived. He did nothing! As far as Baam is concerned anyone that sees him in action must be removed. I’m not saying its his plan to eliminate everyone, whats more important is that he stays incognito.
          You are saying Baam just using enough to pass is not simple. How is him scoring a million on the meter simple? That’s what everyone would expect so its the most simple outcome of them all.

          1. well we did not know what happen before the prince came in so we can just speculate what the hell happen then..

          2. There haven’t been anything that indicates that Baam wants to pass quietly in incognito. He eliminated three regulars before the “prince” showed up but as soon as he started talking about not attacking each other, Baam stopped. Baam only started attacking after all the talk about eliminating one of them.

            I also think that if Baam wanted to eliminate all of the people that see him in action, he could have done so. I doubt he went all out against those regulars.

            Also note that Baam never said anything about staying out of sight. Yu Han Sung was the one that wanted to keep Baam out of Zahards sight.

    2. I guess we will find out in the next chapter. That is a crazy theory though, and i don’t think that is what will happen.

  3. By the way does anybody know which name is likely to be Baams’? I’m to lazy to put effort into it.

    1. Never mind i got confused. I think its a listing of those who have already gone and i assume Baam has not.

  4. thx for the ch!
    i really want baam to go all out and break the machine or something, but he probably wont D:
    maybe he’ll make the cut by just 1 point or something 😛

  5. lol this is so in bam specialty his class his a shinso controller and that thing is make out of shinso and bam can control shinso like no one can. ( i bet u he will let the prince pass using his class specialty lol)

  6. Thanks for all the hard work! hell can’t stop you guys =D
    Damn i want baam to punch that machine and just destroy it XD

  7. It may have been a hellish job, but thank you for giving us the heavenly thing known as ToG. Btw Mass effect 3 is good ,but not as good as the two former. or I just expected too much from Bioware 🙁

  8. Anyone notice how Quant’s face is plastered over everything? He got one hell of marketing deal… The times new roman line is hilarious.

  9. grahm . . . baam . . . the closest one it term of pronunciation. go baam, get the girl, she’s a fine one. ah, I forgot, baam will never go for anyone else beside rachel even after that incident, right baam?

    unfortunatelly in korean. Please do translate it.
    Im not sure if anyone remember, in dragonball, in lasts chapters, there was a tournament, and they were measuring punching power, and Vegeta acted Baam alike, or more likely baam acted as vegeta, as he was first one, and destroyed with ki blast from the hand. Exactly like Baam, beside blue colour.

  11. Woah, so Miseng is stronger than Goseng. Well, I just basically made an assumption of their strenght on body size, but since it’s about shinsoo, might be possible. Actually, With number 10, I still feel like Ja Wangnan doesn’t seem to suck that much, no?

  12. That was a lot of new names for you to translate & redraw on the scoreboard… good job!

    Thx for the chapter as always. ^^

  13. They will probably pile up all bad strong guys, ones that are with son’s of the company, and aganist them all weak guys + Baam.

  14. I reqad the comments and a few things must be said:
    Firstly the title of this group of chapters is “the strongest regular” now I don’t know about you but that sounds a bit more general than simply beating everyone at that game. It no doubt means Baam WILL (since it is obvious for all who have eyes that his name isnt on the board) be going all out and we will see a score equal to, if not vastly more than, the ranker’s score.
    Secondly I truly do not think eliminating all those who have seen him in action is true in any sense. Not only is it hopelessly impractical but I still think Baam is a good person, though he is harsher.
    Thirdly I believe he might have overheard the conversation, as they were being far from quiet, and I believe he will help the yeon girl. However I do believe he will reject keeping her. Unless he feels like having a pet ♥. (joke)
    Fourth Mass effect 3 is DEFINETLY not better than the first two, although the combat is much better.
    Fifth Thank you soo much Company! Can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

    1. Well according to the Raw, I guess Baam does not care that much about going undercover. He didn’t break the device or score higher than the ranker but he did destroy the poster of Quant behind it lol. However it didn’t really look like a augmented punch but more of a blast? Now the Ranker knows that He’s a FUG member so that could be troubling ….
      I WISH I COULD READ KOREAN! Than I would know what Baam’s name is now cause that at least has to be different.


    As some may know a spanish translater have already brought out chapter 7. So I decided to try reading. Bu using Google translater. It not that bad so if u desperate to find out what happens try it out

  16. welcome i know that you’re pretty busy there so here it is cleaned chapter 7 of tog(2nd) speedy , sh / 2Rq8T/ 7,rar If u want i can also make it only one image.

  17. Did the tester love said anything about top 8 will enter next test or just this test will determine the next 8 player for the next test?
    Got to be some trick involve in this test or wang nan will drop out just like that.

    1. Now that you mention the ranker says the test is to determine who will take the next test. NOT that the top 8 would continue to the next test. Therefore it could be possible that the bottom 8 would have to take the test while the top could skip it, auto win like what Rak managed.

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