Tower of God: Ch74 – 2F – Last Examination (18)

Baam, I have no clue what type of face he’s making…

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  1. Sorry if I spoiler someone but …
    Isn’t Lahel supposed to be unable to use her legs ?
    Then why is she standing in that last pannel ? O_o

    1. Yeah, that’s the mystery there, isn’t it?
      Poses the question, why she pretended that she’s unable to walk.
      You make it sound like the author forgot that she’s not supposed to able to use her legs >_>

      1. No way, why would she been cozily lying around while baam was fighting if the autor forgot her leg injury ?
        She’s just been pretending all while u_u

          1. Ppl srsly that was not Lahel it was 100% a ranker who tested Baam. He saw he was to strong so he decided to kill him.

            At last this is my theory.

    1. maybe she was evil from the start. after all, how did baam end up outside the tower alone, by himself anyways?

      1. doesn’t make sence. If they wouldn’t have wanted Baam in the Tower why would she first make friends with him? The only reason he is in the tower is Lahel. I think it’s some sheme from the director again.

  2. Or Ren can control the bull, so can he control Lahel too ?
    Because I really don’t see a reason whey Lahel did that.
    Great chapter anyway. Thanks.

    1. Lahel is a mystery in herself, have been all along. She is not the real body of ren since ren was genuinely surprised when he found out Baam was an irregular. Some things about Lahel that have been bugging me:

      Why was Lahel the only one able to find Baam in the cave?
      Why did Androssi feel that she shouldn’t attack Lahel when they first met.
      Why did Lahel let herself get attacked after she was warned about it from Koon?

      Also in chapter 73 we can see an entire new side of Lahel.

      I think Lahel is somehow related to Zahad and that’s why she knew about where Baam was being kept sealed away. She didn’t have any problems with Baam when he was just in the cave but ever since he started climing it seems that Lahel have been trying to make him stop.

      1. Further proof of that Lahel is not Ren is that when Ren were reporting in to his superiors he talked about letting Baam join them once he became a ranker.

        Lahel should have known all along about Baam being an irregular.

        1. Hwa Ryun (The Red Haired Regular with an eye patch) is Ren. Idk why this is so hard for people to grasp.

          1. Because there is extremely little evidence to support your assertion. Saying it doesn’t make it so. All we’ve seen are ‘looks,’ which could mean any number of things.

          2. 1. Hwa attended the wave controller class placing her in close proximity to her surrogate/puppet body (note also that both Hwa and Ren are wave controllers)

            2. Despite her evident skill (outmaneuvering Androssi in the Crown Game) Hwa demonstrates no interest in passing the test. Protip: She is a ranker.

            2. Hwa fed information to Koon in order to assist Baam. Impressed by Baam’s ability to manifest “living” shinsoo and maim a ranker incognito Ren/Hwa attempts to facilitate Baam’s passing with the intent to recruit Baam into Red (not knowing he was an irregular).

          3. then why was the wave instructor late? hwa ryun was there before the position test and there would be no need to make the director suspicious by being late.

          4. A Ranker being able to participate in a test where Regulars/Irregulars are only supposed to take is freakin lame imo, which SIU is very unlikely to do :/

            Although what you’re saying might be true, it is utterly ridiculous for you to say why is it hard for people to grasp your idea.
            As what Dacomp89 have said, what you’re saying has extremely little evidence. Just an assumption or maybe intuition.

          5. Lets say Hwa had have interest in baam after seeing his strange ability in crown game which injury her. She either make the wave instructor late so that baam wont fail or she herself is injury.If Hwa is Ren,then that might also explain why she is wearing a mask at the first place.

          6. Come on guys. I mean she has red hair; Ren is a member of Red. A+ B = C.

            In other news apparently I cannot count to three…

      2. One other thing shouldn’tbe forgotten. Remember the first quest of baam in the tower, where he has to “pop” the Ball? At the end the ranker says something like “whatwill you do now girl? he got through.” I think Lahel was there aswell.

      3. I really like your idea that Baam was sealed for some reason and Lahel’s job is to watch over him making him say sealed.
        Whether its connected to Zahad or not is unknown but it makes since that once Baam started attempting to escape she had to do something to control/shape him in someway so he would not turn into a monster. That’s why she was giving him those lessons.
        I also agree that he might be the son of someone who is important which is why she couldn’t just kill him when he wanted to escape his cave. That might also be why she “protects” Baam in the crown game so he wouldn’t die.
        But while she can’t kill she obviously can’t let Baam climb the tower. She wants to make him fail so he won’t become a danger to the tower. But not just fail she wants him to lose any aspirations he has whatsoever of climbing the tower to begin with.
        That explains why she put Baam in a position that would make him fail the crown game. She obviously is more powerful than she seems and should have been able to handle the red haired-mask girl.
        After learning that Baam won’t attempt to climb the tower(from herself simply not climbing the tower because of her injury) she decides to resort to “betrayal” as shown above.
        I quote “betrayal” cause its not betrayel if she never was with on Baam’s side to begin with. Whether she has any true feelings for Baam would determine this. I would love for the author to really capitalize on this sort of “spy” love.
        But the only flaw in this is that Lahel seems to really want to climb the tower for herself and not just to control Baam. Its shown her dreaming about the stars and perhaps she does have feelings for Baam when it shows her looking at him and his friends. Maybe climbing the tower will give her the knowledge on what to do in this troubling curse Baam is under. She perhaps want him free but know’s its impossible which is why she’s troubled and wants to climb the tower for answers.

  3. because lahel is an evil B**** lets face it she leaves bam in a cave and gos above ground herself I had a huge feeling this would happen the only way she wasnt evil is if she got trapped down there herself but no she can come and go as she pleases as you found out in the last chapter Bam was probably born in the tower but maybe it has a rule on how many children to be born to one family..

    1. I’m kind of under the impression that he was banished there, perhaps the child of some extremely powerful person who lost some sort of battle (given Baam’s strengths), or he is believed to be cursed. He did violate the laws of the tower after all and is viewed as an abomination. Seems like Lahel snuck down there to play with him but of course couldn’t take him out with her. As for why she suddenly decided to leave him to climb the tower or why she wants him to die now, perhaps she realized the reason for his being locked up? Difficult to say at this point.

  4. wth…that was surprising…well so lahel is an evil B eh…guess baam is going to go into the five stages of grief.

  5. thanks for the translation!! have never liked lahel, hope she gets taken out soon . . . .

  6. The Romance has died for baam lol now its depression, moving on, and then a comeback as a beast

  7. Well since it came to it I would like to point out some more of Lahel`s mysteries.
    Doesn`t it seem strange that Baam has lived so much time by himself? He is supposed to be outside of the tower and Lahel is coming from time to time to visit him, but… if that`s so why is she regular? If she is from the outside of the tower she should be irregular, but when mentioning the group of the princess, Lahel and the irregular, it was definite: there is one irregular other than Baam and that`s not Lahel.
    So Lahel is someone who can come and go from the tower at will.
    Also she can walk again: Then either she can use shinso really well, or someone who can has help her. The part about the sheep being involved isn`t too far fetched. It could be something like this: Lahel was told “Kill Baam and I`ll make sure that you see the stars.”
    There are a few other bothersome theories but I`ll keep them to myself for now since there is still nothing to point Lahel to be part of Zahard.

    1. There are two things that I can see pointing Lahel to Zahard.

      First is the fact that the Zahard mark is inside the cave baam was sealed into, I can’t remember where it is but I know that we can see it in one chapter.

      Second is the Androssi comment about Lahel, that Androssi felt that Lahel wasn’t an opponent she should fight. There could be several reasons that that but Lahel being part of Zahard would be on top of the list imo.

      1. But the weird thing is she had a dream about the stars one time and saw Baam with everyone. So what does that say?

        1. I don’t think Lahel wants to do that to Baam but she feels forced to because someone else is pressuring her.

          I think Yu Han Sung has something to do with it, the fact that he is talking about not treating her legs but she can obviously use them would also support that.

  8. I normally don’t leave comments, but after this chapter I just don’t know what to do anymore. Tower of God just doesn’t stop to amaze me.

  9. Thanks alot for the chapter. beleive it or not, i had a feeling that this was going to happen sometime in the manhwa. I dont know, for some reason, Lahel, never seemed quite right to me. There was something off about her. Also I m expereienced in manhwas and have seen this happen countless times. Like Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Rebirth, it seems like the main girl almost always betrays the guy.

  10. Thanks, Company!

    I don’t think Lahel is herself at the moment. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Eagerly awaiting next week’s chapter.

  11. Its a impostor of course. The real question is, is this really part of the “test” or is someone “cheating” and just plain trying to do a assassination that the guardian hasn’t planned for.

  12. I suppose it is possible Lahel did something to both drive Baam away and fail the test without actually kill him as a way of protecting him, but I doubt it.

  13. It’s simple Baam is REAL son of Zahard. The daughters and their families are more like the gentry. Lahel knows if Baam continue climbing up, there will be no way to cover his descent and fight between families arise.

    1. omg lol that would make sense thats why hes locked in where ever he was cause he was against the rules but zahard couldnt bare to kill his own son so instead locking him away

  14. Thx for ch 74. A slam-bang chapter too! Lots of interesting thoughts too. Glad there are sharp ppl here to explain things to me. lol

  15. Thanks for the chapter, i really like the quality of your work and the time you gives for us the fans, really appreciate it …. i have a theory over Baam’s origin call me crazy if u want but what if he was just a failed or successfull experiment made by Urek Mazino at creating life. I can’t remember which chapter or where i read it but i remember that one of the irregulars power was so strong he could creates life … The name Twenty-Fifth Baam would make sense then so do his immunity to Leroro barrier in ch10 and his strong shinsoo manipulation and the fact he survived alone for a long time in a closed cave without food if he was a human created out of shinsoo, a weapon created to reach the top of the tower and cast away. What do you think of this

  16. I think ur theory is bs. Guys. What is happening? There isnt raw for ch75! Is it just late or no chapter this week? Or maybe just late, but for couple of months, they were precise to a hour, and now they are 3.5h late. Terrible!

  17. maybe the author encountered artist’s block and was unable to meet the deadline.

  18. no chapter this week, there’s a huge warn somewhere in this page

  19. AWESOME [2]
    best chapter ever.
    i can not wait until next chapter i hope baam finally drop lahel, this is taken foreeever.

  20. That is a suprise final for the chapter…

    But, why Lahel? She’s only pretended to be injured?
    And there will be no chapter next week?

    Damn suspense…

  21. This is a totally random theory but I think that Lahel is secretly in the tower to find somebody she loves. Baam’s obsession with her is in the way of her objective.

  22. I was under the impression that the reason that Lahel did what she did was because the guardian gave her a different set of instructions. For example,she can only pass if she kills Baam once he finishes off the bull. (I think that the guardian can predict things like that as he did with Ren and the bull) She did try to kill Baam in part for wanting to pass the test, as well as in part of her own jealousy that Baam was getting farther and farther away from her. It could also be that she wanted to spare Baam of any future pain caused by her desire to see the top of the tower.

    I don’t think the guardian actually wanted to kill Baam but test Lahel on how she will react to a sudden order to kill her closest friend. I think what Lahel did will allow both herself and Baam to grow stronger in the end. For instance Baam can suddenly manipulate shinsoo much better etc. and Lahel understand that the world does not revolve around her and her dream etc.

  23. IMA FIRING MEH LAZOR. He undoubtly did.
    What zippyfan said has some sense, I was too, thinking too possibly, someone persuaded her to kill Baam, in order for her to proceed to the next lvl. And Guardian could do such trick. As a in that realm a ranker is godlike, so would high ranker be god^2 and guardian god^6. I’m pretty happy about his releases too, as naruto, bleach or many mangas take breka quite often, like every 2 or 3 months, and he took first one since forever, and his releases were regular to the hour. In Poland it would between 17 and 18 in every sunday. Thank you for your hard and unpain work grumpy and guys. And for your funny translators notes too.

  24. No chapter translated yet :c
    I’m starting to have withdrawal symptomps for having no Tog for almost two weeks :c

  25. ummmmm next chapters out lahel isnt controlled by ren if she was she wouldve been over it by now.

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