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  1. Thx for the ch.
    Could someone explain the reaction in the end?
    Did the buble block his shinsoo or what?

        1. Im not sure…in the last shot why did the bulls mouth get even wider (getting ready to swallow the whole bubble)?!

          1. Yea for some reason the at the end the artist drew the bull like x2 then what it was compared to the bubble before but i think it was just a mistake and all it was ment to show was that baam stopped the bull

    1. no the shinsoo just wasn’t strong enough to break the bubble. you can see the bubble took damage though. bam hasn’t done anything yet….when he was about to try to do something someone yelled stop…then cliffhanger

      1. No I’m pretty sure Baam was thinking STOP!!! since it was in a square box. And all the square boxes immediately prior to STOP!!! were all Baam’s thoughts. Soooo guessing Baam did think STOP!!! As for the Bull who knows why he got so big lol. Maybe the shinsoo compression was released quite a bit or something? or just the artist i guess.

  2. I was wondering, where does the picture come from? The page with all the cute girls sleeping lol.

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