Baptist Vol.1 Ch. 5

Another chapter of Baptist! Next one should be done soonish – I hope.

This chapter is watermarked, if you read on Batoto the watermarks will vanish after a bit. That’s the reason why the Download is no available yet. I will update this at some stage. Sorry for any inconvenience. – mhh

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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    That watermark is pretty interesting. Haven’t seen one like that before o.o
    I love how it disappears xD

    1. Acutally I have no idea, I can tell you we haven’t caught up on it. Mostly due to lack of active staff. I have 5 volumes if it right now. Next chapter awaits QC and finalizing.

      (If you were/are a donator you could/can already read the pre QC version)

      Sorry for being so slow. :/

    2. Officially, these are not part of any magazine, and therefore, not a weekly. It’s also not monthly and I believe there is no set schedule. Simply as an average of past releases, it’s roughly 1 vol per 4 months.

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