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  1. this is horrible what your doing to the manga and fans
    forcing us to read it in ur crappy online viewer, bad quality, adds everywhere, at least let us dl it

  2. Great chap!! Thxs!! 😀 One of my favs…

    Btw… the online viewer is really sucky.x/ You guys should just stick to a more traditional reader IF possible. If it’s a necessity don’t take it into account.

  3. I just saw the online viewer for the first time and I can definitely see why it’s complain worthy while kudos on effort to who ever made that. But effort doesn’t always translate to loved. Frankly, I hate the ads and their old viewer too. And if you got a low rez, it’s probably hell. I don’t make a penny off of their ads, so don’t really complain to me. But I’ll likely stop translating this soon, so I’m playing it on the least-complaint side. I’ll release raws for people trying to do retranslations for other languages.

  4. yeah fk clicksor =\ i set only 1 yet they put so many fk ups. ahwell. The older version of the online view was making 4x 5x amount of ad-money. So as you can see, if I need money, I woulda put it back. It’s just for those online site owners that just care the fact of only money. NOT for the fans. BTW Grumpy you know where I can find Monk! ? haha

      1. what is with the online viewer i cant even read the manga i hate when stuff like this happens i wish franky-house would have picked up this manga instead of u guy then i could have read it online i use internet explorer and kono-basho always messes up on it

        1. 1. clearly hasn’t read my above comments…
          2. Using IE. You see, you now belong to a visible minority group where bashing it is actually considered popular. Use Opera. xD

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