Zippy Ziggy v4, ch 27

Sorry for the delay guys/girls. I’ve caught the cold which is unexpected by me. It’s was quite hard…, but I got through it no problem to bring this to you since I had the day off work. Enjoy and appericate Grumpy for his time to bring these Raws and Translation. ‘IF’ you wanna see more better quality raws, ask Grumpy to grab the other ZZ in this other place. But I’m happy so DON’T. Enjoy~

Zippy Ziggy / 지피지기 English
Zippy Ziggy v4 ch 27 (Online View) Mediafire

— edit by grumpy —
this “better quality” is not a very high quality. It’s about… 30%  better. But I found this alternative after buying all the volumes already. >.< And thus, don’t really wanna spend money again, though it’s not that much. lol If someone else wants to grab em, it’s from (It’s korean of course and contains upto volume 8 on ZZ [There’s total of 11 vol]. About 30cents per volume). Alternatively, someone could pass the cash and I can buy it. In any case, it’s not that much better. lol
— end of edit by grumpy —

10 Responses

  1. Thanks for an awesome release.
    I really enjoy this manga and hopefully you guys continue with your hard work.

  2. Hey Grumpy, thanks for the work on Zippy Ziggy!

    I had almost forgotten about this one.

    Nice layout as-well, I haven’t been here for a while, so it’s new to me. 🙂

    1. Oh, I got this new theme just last night. XD
      But this theme doesn’t seem to support generated gravatars for some reason…

  3. You are awesome for getting Zippy Ziggy out to all of us non korean speaking people. I was afraid no one was gonna translate it into english.

  4. chap 26 and 27 is gone and online view doesn’t work..anybody know where i can download or view it . thank you

    1. There’s online reader button at the top right corner of this page. The reader there has it. Old posts just don’t get regressively updated along with new additions and changes.

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