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    1. I think the black cloth she’s holding is that Wing Tree she wants to give to Baam 😀

  1. Complete and utter love for the translators and editors working on this series! I loved this chapter sooo much!

  2. okay… she only arrives when they need her.. should be all fine since that ranker guy of hers helped to save anak

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Also awesome opening animation ^___^ where’d you get it from?
    It reminds me of the 3D short A Gentlemen’s Duel from Blur Studio.

  4. Thanks for the release!

    And by the way, the “assemble the image” thing is annoying.

  5. Hey you %@&*@%$ posters, how come ya didn’t tell me another chapter was out?! Thanks for Ch67, TLs, you’re the only ones I can trust.

    Go Batoto Cat! Strike Fear into their hearts! Avenge us!

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