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  1. Thanks a bunch for the new ToG chapter! 🙂

    As a sidenote, I would like to say that while the Androssi fan art is cute, it doesn’t really do justice to the real one… The face looks like a totally different person… The lines are different from the real Androssi whose face is not so round and has a more determined look… Just my opinion… :p

  2. I guess this sucks for all the people who are asleep already and have to wait for tomorrow to read this.

    1. I would say that depends on how you view it. The guys who slept when the chapter was released have to spent less time waiting for the next chapter…

  3. Thanks loads guys, great job as always.

    One thing though, is the blond examiner supposed to be a dude??

    I always thought she was a she. Really hoping that was a typo to be honest I liked her better as a she.

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