2011 Mystery One Shot – Bongcheon District Ghost

This comic has been released officially in English

Okay, I got like 20 requests to do this freaking chapter. So, here it is. Viewing method is a bit unorthodox. But no choice. Well… either this or greasemonkey and similar stuff… but, figured this is less work for me. lol

To FULLY experience this manhwa, please turn your sound ON.
If you have adblock or noscript, please turn them off!!

1. go to: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217&no=20&weekday=tue
2. If firefox, goto Firefox > web developer > web console OR Ctrl + Shift + k (note, hotkeys may not work due to naver’s override)
3. paste the this:

var s=document.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';s.src='http://www.thcmpny.com/js_translator/2011mystery_ch20v2.js';document.body.appendChild(s);

4. enjoy. i guess

For opera, dev console is Ctrl + Shift + i OR Opera > page > dev tools > opera dragon fly (note, hotkeys may not work due to naver’s override)
then click the little button on top right corner that looks like >_
Paste the thing above.

For chrome, dev console is Ctrl + Shift + i OR Wrench > tools > dev tools > Console (note, hotkeys may not work due to naver’s override)
Paste the thing above.

For internet explorer 9, click the gear (top right) > Developer Tools > Console
For internet explorer 8 or older, update. -_-


This is a LEGAL release!!! We’ve ONLY provided translation and a custom script I wrote myself.


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