2011 Mystery One Shot – Bongcheon District Ghost

This comic has been released officially in English

Okay, I got like 20 requests to do this freaking chapter. So, here it is. Viewing method is a bit unorthodox. But no choice. Well… either this or greasemonkey and similar stuff… but, figured this is less work for me. lol

To FULLY experience this manhwa, please turn your sound ON.
If you have adblock or noscript, please turn them off!!

1. go to: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217&no=20&weekday=tue
2. If firefox, goto Firefox > web developer > web console OR Ctrl + Shift + k (note, hotkeys may not work due to naver’s override)
3. paste the this:

var s=document.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';s.src='http://www.thcmpny.com/js_translator/2011mystery_ch20v2.js';document.body.appendChild(s);

4. enjoy. i guess

For opera, dev console is Ctrl + Shift + i OR Opera > page > dev tools > opera dragon fly (note, hotkeys may not work due to naver’s override)
then click the little button on top right corner that looks like >_
Paste the thing above.

For chrome, dev console is Ctrl + Shift + i OR Wrench > tools > dev tools > Console (note, hotkeys may not work due to naver’s override)
Paste the thing above.

For internet explorer 9, click the gear (top right) > Developer Tools > Console
For internet explorer 8 or older, update. -_-


This is a LEGAL release!!! We’ve ONLY provided translation and a custom script I wrote myself.


53 Responses

  1. Already thanked you over at baka, but I’ll thank you here as well. You’re awesome, awesome to the max.

  2. how do you get it to work in internet explorer? cant use anything else at work, sniffle.

  3. Really awesome job and great tnx for this! But i think i need to go to the hospital now to check my heart!

  4. That was awesome… and now I hate you a little. I might need to come back here to complain tomorrow – depending on what I dream up tonight.

  5. the animation scared the shit out of me!! :((
    once it started moving I quickly closed my eyes..
    huhu.. no more of this please… T_T

  6. Thanks God I didn’t read this at night, cause I actually yelled SON OF A B*TCH!
    It’s nice to have stuff like this from time to time, would be great to read some on Halloween *winks*

  7. I was linked to the raws for this over at WebtoonLive and there is no way I’m reading this right now, at night. I’ll check it out tomorrow, at midday 😛

  8. HAHAHHAHAHA that was awesome!!!

    from time to time something like this is great.

    Horror comics at the company wiiiii.

  9. Oh my gosh, I saw this on tumblr two days ago. Thank you for translating though. I’m already tearing up from the anticipation of reading this that scares me so much that I’m writing a run on sentence and I am just so scared to re read this because this shit is hella scary ;_;

  10. HAHAHA, I want moar, today, it’s raining, I wake up with nobody at home, when I get of the shower I see my TV making noises every 3 seconds not showing anything on the screen( and it is still making it) then I go on the computer and fall on this XD what an awesome day!

  11. Holy crap. That was scary, and I don’t scare that easily. The sound made it worse, as it does in movies. Thanks for jump starting my heart, not that it needed it!

  12. Thanks for the translation! You’re the only Korean translating group I know, so ^_^

  13. dam I read this at 12:15 am it scared the sh*t outta me, I don’t know how I’m going to sleep now.

  14. Awesome stuff, first time I’ve gotten a fright in ages, watched it at night just to be sure, brilliant idea 😀

  15. Wow amazing you guys actually did this….. I just recently found out about it too. Awesome man!

  16. Pls, no more. It freaked me out like hell… Though the script thing was amazingly cool.

  17. This doesn’t work for me, I only see little text boxes sparced out with gray spacing, no pictures or sound. Maybe because I am using ubuntu linux.

  18. Oh, and before its gray spacing between the text boxes, its the webpage itself, the webpage just scrols down with these text boxes.

  19. I’m using ubuntu linux too but this thing didn’t fail to scare the shit out of me.

  20. Dude can you post some more of this comics?
    I know that Naver has them but they are in Korean.. pls translate more.. its cool !!!
    Nice job so far!!

  21. OMG that scared the crap out of me lol
    I’m so glad it’s 1pm and that my mom is also in the living room.

  22. yess!! that was quite startling!! and felt good!! needed a little adrenaline & testosterone rush!! horror movies are laughable of late. even old ones.

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