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  1. anyone have a clue what koon’s plan is?

    also anyone notice he forgot to draw koon’s face in one of the panels? =z

    1. There was probably no one else, so they just shoved him there. Better the shithead leader than the shithead follower, after all.

  2. That’s really great background information on the universe itself, but I’m still confused about the Tower. I mean, what is there outside the tower? Do the regulars all come from outside, and is that outside society deep underneath the earth?

    1. Nobody (yet) knows what is there outside the tower, but in the early chapters explained that the tower of god are divided in three zones, and one of theme is where all the regulars live, and some of theme are selected to climb the tower. There are some beings of OUTSIDE the tower who could get in and climb it, like baam or phantaminos , and they are called irregulars.

      1. Irregulars are not people that come from outside the tower but people that have forced there way into the inner tower from the outer or middle sections of the tower.

        I don’t SIU has even mentioned anything about an outside of the tower if there even is one.

  3. I don’t understand why lahel wants to climb to the top of the tower to see the sky when she can just go outside of the tower from the first floor.

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