Tower of God: Ch53 – Submerged Fish (2)

Hmmm… WTF? What is up with this randomness? I call shenanigans!

I’m sad, how can you not show Yuri in this chapter…
I think I also say this for Trebor, he feels my pain.

I R Back?

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  1. niiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeee
    for me a perfect conclusion! good for baam

    thank you so much for the early and good chapter!!!

  2. Excellent! I just love the tiny Rak! :3 kawaiii!!

    Thanks SOOOO much for the early releases! ToG is the best!!

  3. Thanks for the chapter. And Yuri will probably show up during the test XD. Lol the author has jokes XD. Random backdrops XD.

  4. Is the artist implying those three swore an oath to be together like the Oath of the Peach Garden in Romance of the Three Kingdoms? The parallels are certainly there I can even name which member of the trio would fit best with each of the three brothers.

  5. Hahaha, “You banana!” Rak is the awesomest. It has been officially declared. XD

    …and now I feel guilty for wishing Lahel was actually dead.
    …not really, I kinda really wish she was. =p

    shankssssssss for the chapeter!!!! XD

  6. Thank you for the fast updates. You guys are awesome!

    I kinda wished that Lahel is dead with every passing chapter. She’s exactly the type of character I hate the most – A selfish stupid bitch who’s a burden to others. She should be dead.

    And the fact that her character’s part is getting bigger displeases me.

    And I still dun understand how she met with Baam in da first place. *sigh* fate works in a strange ways.

    haa… I missed Yuri and Androssi.

  7. Meanwhile we can wish you died with every passing chapter shourin, you meanie. :<

    Excellent peach orchard bg but which one's Liu Bei? 😉

  8. Lahel provides a lot to the story, in my opinion, and I don’t think “selfish stupid bitch” is the phrase for her.
    She’s ambitious, and I guess you could say that physically, she isn’t a hard-hitter, but I don’t think her intelligence has ever been a question. You forget the chapter where she’s cornered by Ho, and she uses one of her lights to get help. And in the earlier chapters, it’s revealed that everything Baam learned, he learned from Lahel. In fact, really all throughout the webcomic so far, she’s had intelligence, drive, independence and–in my opinion–courage, and her reasons for parting with Baam are really as much for him as they are for her.
    I really love Lahel as a character. For once, we have a more central heroine that has ambitions of HER OWN, who would rather take a martyral role–a role usually reserved exclusively for the “misunderstood heroes”–and be hated by Baam for supposedly abandoning him, rather than fulfilling her own selfish desire of his company, and therefore bring harm to him. It’s a game not so much of cat and mouse, as it is a sort of reverse dogfight: Each wishes to insure the well-being of the other, and it just so happens that their views of “well-being” conflict.
    Yes, Lahel has flaws, but characters without flaws are the most boring fucking things in the world.
    Flaws are what MAKE characters.

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