Tower of God: Ch51 – 2F – Hide and Seek (8)

Damn Androssi keeps looking better in every chapter. lol

Pretty good chapter, and got to say thank you SIU for placing
Yuri in this chapter, and Trebor especially thanks you. lol


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    1. apparently… a guy with a long blonde hair, a dress and a hint of upper chest in some angles (could be loose clothes or man boobs or pecs).

      1. Weird, in chapter 30 (and other chapter as well, i think) baam says “Miss ho”, is it a mistranslation or was baam as confused as us ?

  1. Hey Grumpy, you ever think of doing the same thing EGscans does with their links. Take a look at their site 1 click of a link opens the original comic as well as the translated one.

  2. Am i reading the Manga Freezing. Why does Baam look like a limiter. I expect an ass kicking chapter from Baam.

  3. xie xie ni Grumpy!

    Awesome chapter as always! Can’t wait FINALLY get past the second floor 😀

  4. Almost the end to this arc already? Doesn’t feel like it at all~

    Thanks for the hard work guys!

  5. Great chapter. Thanks.

    Though I didn’t get what this brown thing that hovers around the girl is. It has some kind of string attached to it. Does Baam control it?

    1. I believe it’s Androssi’s weapons arsenal which she is using like a fishing line similar to what Anak was using on the ranker.

  6. The gender confusion comes from the “You look like your everyday, average guy…” right? But I think that was just a general use that could’ve been replaced by person. For example: when you meet up with friends and even if they are all female you say “Hey, guys.” It doesn’t hold any importance to gender. So, I stick to the whole “Miss Ho”.

    1. It’s actually the 2nd time a male reference has come up for Ho. But, last time was even more idiomatic. But twice is probably once too many. 😛

  7. Can’t wait to find out how much was planned, how much was expected and who was behind the letter. 🙂 Y’all rock, I constantly enjoy ToG, GB and Kubera. ^_^

  8. Can someone explain to me wat was in the ranker’s hand at the end and where is ghost eye’s badge???? but still awesome chapter 🙂 thnz guys

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