Baptist V.1 Ch.2


So this is it! There is finally a second chapter of Baptist!!

I hope you appreciate all the effort we put in to make that possible. :)Also I really hope the curse this series was under is lifted – at last.If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can look at these posts below (the second one is not up to date anymore as we have obviously picked it up again! To be more precise, I have picked it up again – using French raws! – mhh


Scanlation English
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  1. “The curse will be lifted!”: I can’t really agree. >.< This chapter wasn't exactly smooth sailing either. Some of which you (mhh) don't know about. lol

  2. I really find this series very interesting and I was very upset to know it will be left unattended. So, thank you very much for this release and I hope you will continue with many more chapters! 🙂

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