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  1. You are great .I love zippy ziggy and i wish to help you if i have the raw of ch26 and ch27 . If you can give me the permission i will work with your traslation of ch28 on the raw as cleaner. Can I?

    1. Thanks for the offer, but guys from Kono-Basho are gonna pick up on it. It should go into full speed once the translations for 26 by someone else is complete. I’ll be translating the rest of volume 5 as fast as the other guys can typeset/release it. Plan to release the raws along with the actual scanlation, but questionable if I even should as people can get them from the licensed distributor through web as my goal isn’t to promote piracy but to allow foreign scanlations. I’ll post what happens to the raws depending on KB’s reactions.

    1. that’s sounds a good idea actually. if you can, drop by an email to me at ducki.duc[at]hotmail.com =]

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