Tower of God: Ch50 – 2F – Hide and Seek (7)

Oh Shit! Androssi is about to show us why she is a Princess of Jahad.

Don’t forget to thank the The Company’s team who worked so hard to bring
you this chapter a bit early, and who in the process almost killed their typesetter(me).

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34 Responses

  1. captainanus / When Chuck Norris went to donate sperm, half the nurses drowned; the rest were pregnant. says:


  2. Baam looks like he’s about to do something epic. Looking forward to next week.

    Thanks for the chapter, guys!

  3. Thanks you guys. Usually too lazy to dispense with thankyous but I nonetheless appreciate what you’re doing.

  4. Can I have points for being last thanker?

    I agree with Alex, this one was too short. Thanks for the all the hard work!

  5. thanks for the chappie! But can anyone explain where all the info on the wiki is from? I am sure it was not in the manhwa… but is”s great!

  6. i hope they show more of that redhead chick with the pole. she seems like an interesting character. i could care less about lahel or whatever her name it.

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