Green Boy Ch29

Thank you for your patience : )
Also, for some of those questions I saw in the chatbox when it was still around:
No, Green Boy hasn’t been dropped.
Yes, this series’ progress is still going a bit slowly.
Green Boy doesn’t have any set release date so it can’t ever technically be “late”… Just wanted to clear up that misconception some people had. And the same goes for most of our other projects as well.
No, we don’t purposefully “delay” releases… As soon as a chapter is completely finished it’s released asap.
There were some other questions I saw but frankly I forgot what they were lol .-.
Anyway, enjoy the chapter! : )
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~ Fem, Haruru, Fubuly ~

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22 Responses

  1. Oh My… I’m going to die waiting for chapter 30 … WAITING IS SO UNFAIR T_T “I wish i could just read the authors so i wouldn’t need to waaaait!”

    1. hmmm… I’ve always find it funny when people say “life isn’t fair,” because in my experience life is far from fair.

  2. One of my favorite manwha. It is true it is troublesome to have so much wait but I am sure you’re doing your best. So thank you for your hard work.

  3. YAY! This is the high point of my week! looking forward to the next chapter, Thanks =)

  4. Just love sports manga/manwha and gotta say GB has just been really great so far. Really do appreciate everyone that puts their time into getting these readable to those like me who can’t read it in it’s original form.

  5. Thanks you very much again for GB!
    Now tell me how much you need me to donate to get next chapters faster πŸ˜›

        1. Well, you’re about half right… I am a girl [or chick… though I’m not a bird… sooos]… but my name is not Kim.

  6. Thanks for more GB! And thanks for explaining about release dates. Understanding makes the wait easier.

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