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  1. Thanks a bunch. Needed this. =P

    Well looks like pretty much the entire B Team is gonna fail like the admins thought XD. And it’ll be a bit longer till Baam does something interesting. Lol the ending was kinda funny though XD.

  2. this finished too quickly, damn i just cant get enough of this

    i hope this become long running series, i really dont want to see timeskip or something like skipping floors.it should go at this pace so i can still read it 3 years later 😀

    ps:captcha was really interesting

  3. Those spear bearers at the end pissed me off pretty badly o.e

    But the rankers should be able to see what they’re doing from the cameras, right? So there’s no way they should pass…

  4. Guys, thanks for a great chapter 45! We’re all like Androssi – just using people to get more TOG. MUAHAHAHAHAHAAA -*cough!*cough!* ahem 😐

  5. Thank you sooo much for translating TOG!! It is a great pleasure to read and even the anticipation of the next chapter is sweeet 🙂

    Hatsu! Fighting!

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