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  1. Wait what? Oh and there was an error inside that chapter somewhere. After the sword guy unleashed his special attack the ranker says “Butto” when it probably is “But to”

  2. This is the first chapter that i dont understand. What was Miss Androsii plan? Why did she forced all the fishmen together? What did Bamm finally realize? THat she is a backstabber, a fox??

    Anyways.. OMG look at Bamm after Androssi said “GOOD~ The plan was a hu~ge success.”

    OMG bamm look so @**@en funny. He has no faCE lol!

    1. *SPOILER* (possibly)

      well the way i interpreted it was that androssi killed everyone so that there won’t be any competition left

      in the last panels you don’t see anyone sitting next to her as she eats and right now it seems she wants to kill everyone on her team so that she will pass

      1. Yes, her plan was to get the fisherman together so she could take out her competitors. Baam realized that she essentially did the same thing to get to the head of the table. The question now is whether she intends to get rid of Baam as well, or if she truly brought him along for help against the ranker. I think Baam might try to stop her… which would be quite interesting.

        1. In my opinion, her plan is to have all the strong people together to fight the ranker. I don’t think she’s a bad person, and taking out her own team is not the goal of this test so i doubt it’s her intention. She’s just a very competitive person, so she doesnt want to run away and she’s ready to take down any weak links in her team to achieve victory. That’s what i think anyway, but it’s a bit weird that she didnt take hatsu with her then, as he’s one of the strongest in her team, with baam and herself (and maybe lahel, but we don’t know that yet).

          1. Sorry, but you’re way off. She and Anak both fell off the platform during the fisherman test and lost a ton of points. Only 4 fisherman will pass this round of testing, which is determined by who has the most points. It doesn’t matter who wins the game of hide-and-seek because the whole point is to get points to pass the round of testing. There are a total of 6 fisherman remaining, 3 on each team, so if Androssi gets rid of 2 on her team, there are only 4 remaining and they all automatically pass. So yes she is a very competitive person, and eliminating other fisherman is the best way to pass the round of testing. Your theory makes little sense; there’s no reason for them to fight the ranker and she would not have hit the other fisherman.

          2. If she wanted to get rid of the other fishermen she would have just killed them instead of putting on a show of telling them not to leave her vicinity.

          3. @xlax: adrossi’s character is one who would, if given the chance, rather not get her hands dirty. that’s why she didn’t just attack everyone. she wants points.

            @kul: it’s true that she wants to pass by any means, but not intentionally at the cost of killing her teammates. basically, she just threw away the trash not useful to her (fishermen – direct competitors) and the weak ones (spear bearers) to buy her time, regardless what would happen to them.

          4. @Ani

            Yeah sorry man no offense but you’re more gullible than Baam XD. Dacomp pretty much said it all lol. The only reason she hasn’t “taken out her own team” yet is probably because she’s gonna ask them to drop out on their own or do something else so they (fishermen) lose, since she doesn’t wanna dirty her hands. Plus why the heck would she risk trying to take out the ranker? They’ve pretty much established that that’s not gonna work XD. Oh and she probably kept Baam cause she’s interested in him not cause he’s “strong”. Everyone thinks Baam is weak remember?

          5. At first I didn’t understand why Androssi did that, but now I think your explanation makes sense. Baam was wondering if he could beat his friends, and then Androssi give him her story. And I think that’s what she meant “If you want to climb the tower you have to crush everyone”.
            And I think Androssi will not attack Baam for the same reason she has not attacked Lahel. She has the feeling that he is not from this world (or something like that)

  3. Thanks for the chapter. No link to the original website. And… i dont get Androssi’s strategy lol XP

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