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  1. Hi! I’m available for raw clean-up, what do you mean by typesetting? One who will type the words/translation after it was clean-up? Maybe I can do that too. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me. thanks

    1. Yes, typesetting is writing out the words which has been translated. If you are interested, contact kin2naruto at hotmail dot com.

      PS. You left no contact information.

  2. waaa!!! FH are sooo slow! miss u! thanks 4 all ur work!….psst! can´t u continue translating? we won´t tell anybody! heheheh kiss!!

    1. lol. They found a Chinese translators and b/c there’s also Chinese raws. But, I think they’re lacking on good/reasonable quality raws ATM. So, even if I did translate, it won’t progress. I’ve been informed that a HQ of v19 will be released soon.

    1. Um… like I said, translation isn’t the reason for the up coming delay… It’s the raws. So, nothing I can do. That site you pointed out also has very poor vol20 raws. Infact, it might even be the same raw, just reposted. It appears to me that someone attempted to vectorize a low resolution scan, and obviously didn’t work out well. Which makes it actually worse than plainly poor scan.

  3. I do not know whether the raws are in good quality,but I really hope that you can still continue translating Volume 20 for Goong.Thank you for all your hard work on translating goong volume19.All the effort is really much appreciated,but I hope these website below are able to help you in continue translating volume 20,Thank you once again.:

    Hope it helps.Thank you

  4. I was just wondering are you by any chance still continuing with Goong volume20?
    Is there still trouble finding a suitable Raw for volume 20??
    I really hope that there is still a chance that you are planning to continue with goong.Your help is really much appreciated and thank you so much!!

    1. Hello Nia,
      No, I’m not continuing with Goong, but I thought FH was going to. I don’t know what they’re stuck on exactly, I’ve just emailed someone about it though to see what’s the status.

  5. Thank you so much for your attention.
    I really look forward to it if by any chance there is a progress on volume 20.Thanks a lot.

    1. So, I got an update on what was going on.

      They were stuck on both raws and translator. Raw problem can be solved by buying (me) since floating around ones aren’t good enough. But I guess still needs a translator. I’m far too busy to be doing that (as you can see, I haven’t translated anything in a while).

      But this series is now licensed and it’s being sold in English. So there’s high likelihood that it will be dropped all together. Might just have to wait till English serialization catches up.

  6. thank you so much for informing me the latest update.you have been a great help towards this project.thanks a lot

  7. Hey! So I found all these websites where you can download the new Goong chapters… the only problem is… I can’t read them… may you please translate them? If you go on facebook and look up GOONG MANHWA by Park So Hee and the links are to the right. Please translate! I really REALLY appreciate your work.

  8. i was just wondering if you know any korean translators that can help me translate goong.
    — also.. do you know anyone who is translating the others volume/s?? i would love to help them sub it faster..

    btw.. thank you so much.. really appreciate your hardwork. ^^

    ganbatte ne~

    1. No, I don’t know anyone else that would be willing to translate. Someone HAS released the next chap of goong though. http://windsongscans.blogspot.com/

      With the current law suits of mangas flying around, it’s probably walking on thin ice to be doing that right now. Goong is one of them btw.

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