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    1. <3
      As always the best read of the week by far.

      Thanks for the hard work.
      Btw, do you know how I can thank the author for his work (it's not like I know a single word of corean nor like I can find my way on a corean website)

      1. If you don’t speak or understand Korean, there’s really no direct way to thank the author/artist for their work.

        The best thing you can do is to visit the link given (up there ^) to the original comic on Naver to give their series more hits. Because with the system on Naver, more comic views = more comic popularity = more money paid to the author(s) and artist(s) of the webtoons. 😛

        Which is definitely a nice (and easy) way to thank them for their hard work, imo~ 😛

        EDIT: Whups, Jennir beat me to it, lol.

  1. hehehe… Jane was such a tsundere in this chapter.
    I liked the fact that guy was “expelled” thanks to Jane letting everyone know his name 😀

    And looks like Taejin learned two or three new moves…nice 😆
    But i guess the bully guy will not give up so easily.

    Wonder what Taejin wants to talk with Jane…he looked a bit to serious…

    1. o-o I forgot I forgot

      I’m sorry~~ D: It’ just been so long since you had originally posted that, my horrid memory can’t keep up (I must be getting old) T.T

      One sec, I’ll go add it in

      EDIT: Okay, it’s in there now, so all is forgiven, yes yes? : D <33

  2. I freaking love Taejin’s newfound kickassery.

    BEST SERIES EVER….. (next to trace, and one piece, and bitter virgin, and ALIVE: TFE, and …….)

  3. Does anybody know why the next releases are delayed? Do they need some staff? Donations?

  4. They’ve got up to chapter 33 released on Naver’s website, but i think this month is a big month for school finals or something. Most likely only the highest priority series will be released regularly(exp: TOG).

    I mean, Zippy Ziggy finished a long time ago, yet there are still like 3 or 4 volumes left to translate until the end. Updates are sporadic at best for most series. I’d like to help them myself, but i have zero experience in this kind of thing. u_u

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