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Hey there kids! Just your friendly neighborhood QC’er here to wish you all the best! Well, actually, Grumpy got the lazy bug and decided to have me write up a new donation notice.

The reception to initial donation scheme was well received. We greatly appreciate your contribution to our translation endeavors. I cannot express this any clearer except, perhaps, by prostrating myself down in front of you wonderful donating people. Better yet, in response to this we have decided to spice things up a little with a lottery for those who donate. Maybe a name in the release credits (with your permission), a RAW sampling from Grumpy’s secret stash, or something else special as we come up with more ideas. Heck, you can private message Grumpy with your ideas if you think it is worthy of mention.

For those who are interested in what the donator status allows an individual to do, I have been enlisted to explain the exact nature of the process.

Understanding What You Get:

  • A beautifully handcrafted Donator tag in the forums which comes with access to our work-in-progress forum and the files of the unfinished translations within!
  • This includes .jpg , .docx , .psd , and other file extension types. For the .psd file extension, which is the Adobe Photoshop image file, here is a link for a list of programs that may open it if you have any issues:
  • Basically, you will see the chapter before it is quality checked. If you are willing to put the effort in, you may do a side-along reading of a RAW and the translation before the cleaning or type-setting even occurs. The links exist in the forum and all the effort you have to make is a slight donation and some time forum trolling. Not that bad, eh?
  • Coincidentally, by participating in our forums you help grow the community surrounding the wonderful works we wish to bring to you :). Sadly, we cannot allow you to post in the work forum as that would take away from productivity, but just think of it as the Jurassic Park ride in the first movie :D. However, you’re free to notify the people, working on a particular project, with a private message if you notice an error that wasn’t picked up on. This way you may contribute to the scanlation process in your own little way.
  • DO NOT post a work-in-progress to a manga viewing site. That is a no-no and defeats the purpose of our aim for a clean and readable rendition of the manga/manhwa. It’s also a disservice to the original author.

How To Obtain Access:

  • Create a forum account.
  • Donate a sum greater than or equal to 5 U.S. dollars.
  • In your donation add the note: I wish to have the donator status in the forums for <insert forum account name>. If you can’t find the field, just PM Grumpy and he’ll take care of it.

See? Easy as A, B, C. The rest of the donation related information is on the donation page of our site. The button may be found at the top of our main site. Come chat in our IRC (irc://, post a comment below, or forum private message Grumpy if you have any questions.



Some dude.

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  1. Actually, I meant lottery for all of community, not donators. 😛
    But the fickle me is thinking of something that benefits everyone rather than a single person now. I’m thinking of putting up an art-only magazine now. 🙂

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