Thesis Chapter 2

Here is Chapter 2 of Thesis!! Enjoy!

P.S. Want to mess with some of our group members?  Go suggest/vote for what song you want Semper/Fembot/Com/Oculus to sing in the forum (because they were stupid and agreed to sing X^D)!

Scanlation English
Download Chap 2
Read Online Chap 2

New to the scanlation process, as of now can do cleaning/typesetting (although the quality is questionable =^P). I enjoy most genre's of manga/manhwa/anime/etc but Id/ToG is def. one of my top.

9 Responses

    1. haha,
      A. the semp part was what you gave me to post
      B. if semp has to sing, so do you.

        1. I suggest a duet of the mocking bird song as sung on “Dumb and Dumber”. your voice has to be purposefully awful to sing as bad as they did 😛

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