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Super Mass Release! ToG 1 year anniversary!

Jimmini jillickers Batman! A mass release!!!

That’s right folks, it has been 1 year since we picked up Tower of God and it was one hell of a ride that just won’t stop. Is that something really worth celebrating? Who knows, who cares…

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The Hwarang Next Door – Prologue

And~ we have a new series~ Please enjoy~

For more information about Hwarangs, visit:,345.0.html

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Kubera!! NEW SERIES!

This is a new series for us named Kubera. I just decided to do this one about…. 24hrs ago. Also, I’m taking this opportunity to say, we’re dropping Thesis. Because this one seems better than Thesis (in only my opinion) drawing wise. Story wise, Thesis doesn’t have much yet and wasn’t that appealing to me. […]

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