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New Server

Just moved servers. So if you’re seeing this, it’s already done. 🙂

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Server Move COMPLETE

The migration is complete. If you see this message, it means you are connected to the new server. Congratulations. ———————————– Hello everyone, I realize the server has been performing quite poorly with frequent down times over the past month. Therefore, I will be initiating a migration of server. The old one will be kept as […]

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Free Hosting for Scanlators!

Hello~ I’m offering free hosting to all scanlators~! Cuz someone suggested to me that I should. 🙂 You can have either: <something> for your address or <buy_your_own_domain> for your address (suggested). xD I am offering full cPanel hosting. So, you get full access just like a paid hosting. There is no ads or any catches. […]

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