Tower of God: Ch76 – 2F – Epilogue -Rachel- (02)

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  1. Okay, I guess now we can understand Rachel’s motivations a bit clearer. She’s still a b*tch for (killing?) Baam.

  2. so, is this the last chapter this season? the twist was good! thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. muahahahah She is jealous of Baam’s power and Yuri =)and she hates the fact that Headon is a boss. Go Headon, tell that little B**** how worthless she is. Never liked Rachel and felt like the author had betrayed me when Baam offered to take her top. I am so happy! not of the fact that Baam maybe died, but about rachel being a bad person as I thought she could be.

  4. WTF so the guy wasn’t an irregular at all?! This is getting really interesting, hope the story doesn’t start to focus too much on Rachel though.
    Thanks for the release!! 🙂

  5. @Ajmc93 no he is a irregular, if he wasn’t then he would not have to pop the ball. Baam was also uninvited but got an invitation after getting through the test.

  6. Is she also an irregular? i did not quite get it, it felt like she was chosen to enter but not worth to climb? as he was worth climbing but not chosen?

    1. my guess is that Headon for still unknown reasons was unable to get Baam into the Tower and used rachel to make him enter of his own free will.
      Because if I remember correctly one of the examiners said pretty clearly that Baam is an Irregular.

      If Im wrong about that theres of course the possibility of Rachel being the irregular and Baam being a regular is brought inside the Tower to fool Yuri.

      1. Using Rachel to have Baam enter of his own free will seems plausible. It’s pretty certain that Baam is an irregular, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to request a test from the guardian. What Rachel is is still unclear.

  7. I think I understand now…

    When they were both at the door and Baam was trying to stop Rachel, Baam was touching the door too. So the door must have opened for him. But Rachel was the one who dropped in instead because she was the one leaning against the door.

    So Baam is actually a regular, and Rachel is the one who is the irregular… x_x

    1. Baam is an irregular Rachel is basically his luggage; she hung on for the ride but ended getting separated from her carrier she’s basically a mistake in the tower but a good mistake cause without her we wouldn’t have Baam in the tower.

  8. It is true it is not very clear. Headon say to Rachel that she is not the person the tower has selected, so she is an irregular. But he says the guest has arrived when Baam come inside, so he is a regular. But why do he give him the test for an irregular then ?
    The motivation of Rachel is not clear too, Baam took the test instead of her so she is trying to kill him. That does not make any sense. We probably know more in the next chapter.

    1. i think baam was chosen, but he did force himself into the tower, making him an irregular. i think thats the difference, the ones who get into the tower the natural way, and the ones who force themselves into the tower. Rachel stole baam’s regularship (dont know if that is a word)

  9. First, thanks for the quick release of the chapter.
    I am guessing Headon tell lahel to kill baam if she want to climb tower or she wont be able to climb. They said what people want is at top of the tower. I guess that is why they took lahel in. After all,there is not point for baam to climb tower without lahel.

  10. i believe that they are both irregulars.. only difference is, rachel knew how to get through the door (seeing as she used baam), while baam entered through sheer will of wanting to follow rachel and not to climb the tower..

    i think they made the meaning of an irregular in this chapter a little more vague..

    1. Rachel/Lahel = is an irregular because she isn’t chosen but became a regular after stealing baam’s slot..

      Baam = became an irregular, since he entered the tower without a slot (since it was taken by lahel)..

      which makes them both an irregular in a way..

  11. oh and another thing.. if you guys read chapter 4 again, Haedon said “have you been watching? the child has gone up, what will you do? child.”.. this being rachel/lahel as revealed in this chapter.. just some easter egg for you guys.. :3

  12. oh and fffff.. another thought came to my mind..

    can Hwa Ryun = Haedon.. same weapon (staff), and the reason he/she (coz i think haedon is a guy.. ><) changed to hwa ryun was to observe lahel/rachel as she performs a task he/she assigned..

  13. Bahahah! Thumbs up to the translators for using the “fairy minus girly” term! I was Wondering how you’d handle such a sissy term for Headon! If I were Headon, I’d want to throw her out just for calling me a Fairy. Fairy Godmother, he is not. xD

  14. My guess is the following:
    1)Rachel is an irregular = not chosen by Haedon.
    2)Baam is an irregular irregular (or what ever you wish to call it) because he was chosen by the Tower (the Tower itself)
    3) A regular is chosen by Haedon, but is not testet by him = go directly to flor 2.

  15. Rachel is most likely an irregular since in the first chapter of the crown game, it’s said out of the 3 that get out of quant’s arena 1 is a zahard princess (androssi) and one is an irregular. Later on, (don’t remember when), a hint was given that the big guy was a regular.

  16. I think Rachel is also an irregular, remember when you took the test on the floor evankell and Quant said that there was a princess of Jahad and Irregular, perhaps to refer to Rachell. O_O!!

  17. Sh*t, Rachel couldn’t get into the tower just because she didn’t want to take the test but then when Bamm did, for HER, she got bloody jealous!
    Like “Don’t leave me alone since I couldn’t take the test!” a.k.a. if I fail then I can still make it seem like I’m a nice person to you because your naive. >:(

    I really think that Rachel really liked the idea that Bamm would follow her to Death (she was smiling though she might be smiling because the door opened)… also is it me or Bamm forced the door open but because Rahel was underneath him she got through as well?

    1. I think her reaction is because she does have some affection for Baam, but has no idea of his power and is assuming he’s going to die. She had no hope of passing the test herself and assumes he can’t either.

  18. In my opinion about tower choosing the Baam. It’s more likely he forced the tower door to open.

    Because irregulars are the people who have power to change the tower itself. And when Baam said ‘I’ll follow you till death’ at it’s climax Baam forced his power to open the door.(And to think Baam was confined it does make sense that the folks knows the power the Baam has.)

    So that makes Baam irregular and Lahel luckily became irregular (you have nice friend there).

    And it makes sense in a way that Haedon reacted to Lahel’s entrance.(Because she doesn’t have any power like Baam to force the tower.)

    End of my theory. 😛

    1. That is exactly what I thought, initially Rachel is essentially nothing – not a regular or a irregular – but as Baam forces the door open she falls in. Then obviously he opens it again for himself

    1. Yeah manifestor makes sense.
      Baam is the only one we’ve actually seen show true power/talent so far. The stated that the irregular Urek was the only person(outside the royal family) who could freely control shinsoo like it was a living thing. Whats more with no side effects on him. This points to Baam having the power close to Urek and being irregular.
      Baam just happened to let someone who wasn’t powerful enough to open the door through(Lahel).
      So Headon not giving a fuck that Rachel’s not powefull enough tests gives her an irregular level test anyway.
      So they are both irregulars but Lahel doesn’t have the talent that Baam has.

  19. Thanks for the release!!

    This is the 2nd epilogue chapter titled Rachel.
    I am getting confused about when we are going to see a break in ToG from the author since the season is coming to a close… Is there going to another chapter next week? =D


    Also, way I interpret it, as others have already, is Rachel was manipulated to get Bam to climb the tower (he had no motivation to climb the tower when he was alone or after when he was with Rachel) so her entering the tower was not an accident, but since we hear from Headon (apply directly to the forehead) himself that she was not chosen, Rachel is also an irregular. Bam is definitely an irregular, but the “guest” part refers to the fact that he was expected to open the door himself and that this plan was hatched with Headon and who-knows-who-else to get Bam to climb the tower.

    After Bam passes the test, it is obvious that Lahel gets help to pass the test from someone else .. the question is from whom? (Hwa Ryun is the best candidate I can think of right now…)

    Somehow I think Rachel’s reasons for killing Bam might not be simple jealousy — although listening to Headon’s describe Rachel’s character, Bam and almost everyone else had an entirely too narrow view of her. Rachel apparently had spent a lot of time with Bam — unless she truly is a lying psychopath, the kindness she showed Bam when they were together means she is not simply as anyone has described her so far (Headon or Bam).

  20. It just goes to show how sly Rachel is! She’s basically manipulating others in order to climb the Tower. This is the only path she can take because she doesn’t have the necessary power.

    I’m going to agree with everyone that Rachel and Baam are irregulars.

    1. Yeah Baam is not the irregular irregular. Its Lahel who was let in by Baam. Androssi was probably able to sense that Lahel was an irregular but not that she did not have the power of one.
      But lets imagine just how much of a target Lahel would be if people found out she was an irregular without power? She would get eliminated in no time without the power to protect her.
      Getting rid of Baam ensures herself of this.
      I don’t know why people are hating on Lahel so much. From the start of the mahnwa we knew that Lahel chooses the top of the Tower over Baam. She stated this though Baam does not accept it. If betrayel is the only way to get this through to him then so be it

  21. Awesome Chapter, Thanks!!

    Looks interesting, differing perspectives can lead to new insight.

  22. Alright, as many have said baam is the irregular. PERIOD. Rachel is also an irregular because of baam. However Rachel is an agent, unbeknownst of herself, of Headon. Headon wants Baam to ascend the tower so he can kill Urek. For those who disbelieve read the chapter that someone talks about it. Baam, with his natural ability to manipulate shinsoo, is the only available option to kill Urek. And so, Headon has selected Baam to ascend the tower so he can gain power and thus forth use Baam as his agent in the tower. Rachel is an irregular, a weak worthless irregular, but an irregular none the less. Baam is also an irregular since he OPENED the door himself, and drew Rachel with him. No, Rachel is the pawn, and Baam is the queen, and I only hope that he returns and soon since its a really sad game if you lose the queen right off the bat.

  23. Two things:

    1)In my opinion all that talk about regulars and irregulars is bullshi*t. This chapter showed that first test was for EVERYBODY.
    In other words the only criteria was power and all people could climb the tower as long have it.

    2)Guardian knew Lahel(Rachel) and her past. What was her guilt?

  24. Actually, read the first couple of chapters again. The guide that follows Yuri mentions that the Steel Eel was something that comes after the 20th floor.

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