Fairy Heart Ch10 (END), & Epilogue

Yay! With the tenth chapter, Fairy Heart has come to an end. Enjoy! And if you haven’t read it already, now’s the perfect time. 🙂
Also~~ this marks the second series The Company has completed~
((Tried to race Grumpy and release this before he released Zippy, but obviously he won. D: y u so fast, Grumpu? Or maybe I’m just slow, lol~))
– Eggs, Trebor, mhh, Fem –
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  1. firedragon713 says:


  2. Aza says:

    =.= agreed. they just built up a huge climax then suddenly ended. wasn’t expected … sigh, I hope the author comes up with a oneshot sequel or something to follow up more properly. otherwise I’m pretty disappointed.

    Thanks for finishing the series the Company ^-^

  3. Ivy says:

    Thanks for this series, I hope we can read more of this author soon.

    • Hester says:

      Les privilèges khalid?oh oui,surtout celui de se faire caillasser par les nouveaux-venus,et insulter tous les jours dans la presse.Ça va pas lui plaire ce que tu dis à Copé,lui qui tant d’effort pour les « chances pour la Fr.&rennbsp;»aIngcat, va

  4. Nychii says:

    Thank so for the series! ^___^

  5. Kalam says:

    thanks for translating this work!

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