Kubera: Season 2, Chapter 80


This chapter wraps up the current arc, enjoy!

Uhhh, had to reupload twice now because notes were left in the chapter that weren’t supposed to be there lol awkwaaard. Should be okay now… probably…

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One Last God: Kubera
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S2, Ch80
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  1. Whoa, you caught up! Congratulations and huge thanks! πŸ˜€
    Hahah, this chapter was hilarious. xD

    Tiny comment: you translated Lutz’ brand as “Atram” here. It’s actually ‘Artram.’ You can see it in the raws in Ch. 2-16. :3

    Aww, I missed the notes. They would have been interesting to see. x’D

    1. Well, looks like the third upload is the charm! Fixed the Atram/Artram mistake, thanks for catching it. πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for all your hard work! I’m amazed you were able to catch up so fast, but I still think it won’t hurt for you to get extra help so you don’t spend all your time looking like your avatar. πŸ˜›

  2. I saw the raws for chapter 81. Darn, now I want to now what happens next.
    Thanks for all the new chapters!

  3. I saw the raw for chapter 81. I think I’m in the middle of a heart attack. I can’t wait for the translation!
    Thank you for all your hard work guys!

  4. I hope the new chapter is translated by my birthday, but after translating 3 chapters already, you may need a break. Again, thanks!

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