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    1. LOL! X’D
      Leez: Babo Kim-nim, please don’t send me to Hell! ;_;
      ^ Leez, that’s blasphemy. x”D

      Thank you so much for the translation guys! That and the Chapter 4 retranslation really made my day! πŸ˜€ The scene between Leez and Asha was really sad though. ;_;

  1. Ah, just a small thing I’ve noticed by the way. In the raws, the word “burden” that Leez uses here is the same word Asha uses in chapter 2-1: 짐. It was translated as “burden” here and “baggage” in 2-1. Do you think you could align the translations for more impact? Leez tends to remember everything people tell her, so it may be the case here.

    It’s a tiny thing though, really.

    1. Hi, Mizura. Re-read 1.05(preferably in its revised version, which will be released very soon), and you will notice the word “burden” being used to great effect. The reason “baggage” was used instead of “burden” in 2.01 is that while the use of the same word in 1.05 or 2.65 takes on a more abstract meaning, the same connotations of responsibility and guilt present in “burden”, it is used in 2.01 more for comedic effect, and the word reverts to its plain concrete definition of “luggage/baggage/suitcase”(the same word is used when you collect your luggage at an airport.) I felt “burden”, with its emotive quality, wasn’t suitable for the occasion. Please be assured that foreshadowing, and characters echoing words from the past, are always major considerations when we translate Kubera. We will try to get this manhwa through the language barrier with its subtleties as intact as possible.

      However, I am always grateful to know you are extending a safety net underneath, and will catch any mistakes which happen to slip through.

      1. Ack, glad to hear I’m not “that annoying girl who makes our life harder.” xD Though I hardly qualify as a safety net. xP Someone asked me recently if it were possible for me to translate Kubera with a day (answer: hell no, not possible), but Kubera is really tricky, and it’s really one of those series where it’s really Worth waiting for a really good translation. I am Extremely grateful that you are taking the time to supply us with these great translations. πŸ˜€

        Glad to hear that 1.05 will be released very soon, too! πŸ˜€ Ah, you’re right, 짐 is used even earlier, so the foreshadowing there is even greater. In comparison, the use in 2-1 is much lighter. I agree there. πŸ™‚

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