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  1. WoW πŸ™‚ Thanks. And yes… It was a shock to seen that Teo was killed… :/ I hope that her adopted child will be all right!

  2. Whoa! So fast! You’re nearly back on schedule! You guys are awesome! πŸ˜€
    And yeah, I stayed in shock for a whole week. :'(

    And I think I haven’t seen such a strong fandom reaction since Rachel betrayed Baam in Tower of God, either. ;_;

  3. We were given a strong cue that teo’s going to be around. Kubera’s advice to Liz has always been based on insight. I’m assuming insight is like the prescience from Dune. you know what the future configuration of things(living and otherwise) will be like, so you guide someone to fit a position of maximum benefit from the configuration.

    Although I’m not sure which of his advice are supposed to be rehearsed or spontaneous. But I’ve seen him make remarks like, “this is how it’ll happen -we’ll meet again “, hinting he had some foreknowledge of every conversation with her.

    This makes me wonder why Gandharva had no insight of teo’s death. In agni’s case, it was by choice he didn’t use insight on the priestess – is it the same?

    1. I think it’s less relieable than that, more like a simulation of the current conditions if they persisted until a given point in time, with some level of assumption since there are black boxes (e.g. people’s feelings or whatever), and the predictions are based to some level on the impression the available information gives the “viewer” about the people involved.
      Hence, there’s only the short glimpses of highly likely occurences we were given. Yuta was pretty close to jumping Leez already while he was in his “puberty”, but held back because she had always been good to him. If she, upset by the loss of her regeneration or anything, did something that broke his trust towards her, he most likely wouldn’t ever regain it, leading to a scene like the “fight” we saw. Another option would be she indeed doesn’t break his trust, and he was trying to stop her there because she was up to no good in a different fashion.
      Also, the Astika (“gods”) are given domains, while the Nastika either lost theirs or never had any in the same fashion, so the channels for information “Kubera” (he ceded that name to Leez, but let’s just call him that) uses, be it tracking all people with one or more of his birthsigns (Kubera Leez has a full Kubera birthsign) or some other means (she’s to take over his position from what I gathered, so they’re not fully seperate people, as seen from her owning the sword even though he pulled it out).
      I don’t know much about Korean culture, but them not being seperate could also mean he simply has “insight” in her fate, assuming this comes with being a god in that world.

      1. You’ve brought up interesting points. I also remember reading an illustration given by visnu about insight in The Finite. He expresses the future in the form of choices – like you’ve pointed out. Iirc, there was a similar explanation by visnu about kasak away his earrings to Yuta.
        I’m thinking the chances that teo dies in any of these if and if-not worlds is close to 0. I’m assuming this because his advice to Liz was straight forward, unlike his usual ambiguous advice(like in atera – agnis city).
        There’s also the chance that it’s propositional. But it’s very unlikely because teo training liz seems like the final step ahead of name transference?

    2. I Thinks it is because, only gods have insight, if IΒ΄m not mistaken…. and Gandharva is a nastika

      1. Ah! True. I remember nastikas being able to block insight, but I can’t remember any instances of them using it.

        1. Only Astika and Gods have insight. (The Primeval Gods, and Natural Gods.) I am unsure if the lesser gods (those lower than fifth zen) have it, but I believe they do.

          And…. Wow…. Teo… She was becoming one of my favorite characters.. Im really upset by this. I havent want someone to die as badly as I want Sagara to die since Rachelle betrayed Baam…

  4. I really like Sagara as an antagonist. She doesn’t fuck around too much, she gets stuff accomplished, and she actually knows what she’s doing most of the time. Even if she does fuck up, she still has a fallback plan or two and knows when to retreat. Also, she still isn’t dead, even though she did things most antagonists would have died for twice in different works. XD

  5. I feel so bad for gadharva, he’s lost about everything (his wife, his daughter, the trust and lives of his clan-members, and now teo as well…things can’t get any worse for him)
    ps: thanks so much for the new chapter!

  6. Hello πŸ™‚

    How long are You planing to mourning after Teo? It is been a while since the last update. I have a really shitty week, thank God it will be Sunday soon, so could You please poor some happiness in My miserable live with new release? Thank You in advance:)

  7. I actually don’t think Sagara is wrong for what she is doing. If Gandharva would have helped the anata clan in their time of need then Sagara wouldn’t have so much animosity towards him. He could have possibly prevented the destruction of her clan, so she just getting revenge.
    P.S. I believe she killed his daughter, not %100 sure yet lol.

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