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  1. Ahahah, you guys and your sense of humor. xD
    Cliffhanger is right. o,o
    Thank yoooou! 😀

  2. The cliffhanger! UGHH!! God Kubera is trying to save Leez! And, Sagara-nim in a male form? ;3 >.<

    1. the one at the last panel is God Kubera not Yuta^^ anyway thanks for the chapter what an awsome turn of events the cliff is killing me xD

        1. hmm no i dont think the gravity field was from Kubera, if it was it would have been strong enough for Sagara. I still like to believe it was Leez’s own strength 🙂

  3. I liked her female form just fine, though. XD At the moment she’s pretty much my favourite character, even though she’s in danger of being killed off any second.

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