Kubera: Season 2, Chapter 39


Enjoy the chapter!

We also have a cleaner for Kubera now– starting from the next chapter Ral will be helping us out. ^^

~ Rin, Trebor, Fembot ~

One Last God: Kubera
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S2, Ch39
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  1. WHOO-HOO! Thanks! And thanks for helping out Ral! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Whoa, the team even replaced the SFX on the Temple. Nice job! :O

    @Random: Yup! To Leez: “She’s trying to kill me, which means… damnit, you’re going to make me fail the test! >: ( ” lol, I guess way too many people have been trying to kill her to make her feel too upset. X”D (wait, that’s kind of sad)

    1. Hey, that sounds a little bit too greedy. But can we expect it? Can we? *puppy eyes*
      I wanna see what comes next soo much. This series is just too good. *g*

      Oh and of course: Thank you very much for all your hard work!

  2. Whoa! A new chapter at naver… Another headshoot for Leez… :/ But who is finally show himself! I just can’t wait to read English translation! And there will be beginning of a new arc.

  3. Hmm, I just reviewed the bracelet transcendentals that Claude described in Season 2 Chapter 26, but I’m not sure whether Kubera is activating one of them at the end of this chapter. It looks a little different from the reflection transcendental and she isn’t being hit by a transcendental, anyway. However, the bracelet is black. I guess all will be revealed next chapter!

    1. well, god kubera created that bracelet to restrict his own powers. If when the bracelet is “Off” it’s iron and when it’s “On” it’s gold, then hopefully black is when the bracelet stops working.. which would mean that kubera is going to use her own power as a goddess. I mean, how else would she survive against sagara?

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