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  1. Whoo-hoo! Thank you! 😀 Whoa… dirty old man…

    By the way, about the re-scanlation of the older chapters, have you considered looking for someone to help? If I’ve understood it correctly, you already have the translation corrections and the cleaned raws, so you mostly need typesetters? I don’t have Photoshop, unfortunately, unless it’s also possible to do it with Gimp?

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Had to try and figure out what’s going on with them. 😛

      Actually, it’s not just typesetters. xD For the first few arcs, at least, we’re re-doing the entire chapters from scratch. Since we no longer have access to old cleans (dead mediafire links, can’t get a hold of the retired members who worked on them, etc… and some of the old cleans aren’t up to our current standards anymore), those are being done from scratch.
      For translations, rin is actually re-translating the chapters while cross-referencing the old translations (and your corrections list :)) to try and keep the feel of the previous ones while improving flow/original meaning, so more is being done with them than just “replace incorrect terms/names with correct ones”, as far as I’m aware. 😛
      Typesetting and QCing is also being re-done from scratch, too. Though I think the biggest problem right now is finding a QC to fill in the position for these revised versions. Right now I’d have to ask Trebor (current Kubera QC) to see if he’d be up for it, but seeing as he’s on a bunch of other projects as well, I’m not sure if he has the time for it. And unfortunately the QC position seems to be the hardest position to fill. D:

      For your other question, I think we require Photoshop for cleaning/typesetting, only because we share the native .PSD files with each other, and I’m not sure if Gimp is compatible with the format? I’d have to ask Grumpy what the exact reasons are.

      (Wuahh, apologies for huge-wall-of-text, lol ;_;)

      1. Oh darn, you have to redo all those from Scratch, including the cleaning? :'( I feel for you. What about the Spanish scanlators (Prince Scans)? Do they not have the cleaned raws either? What does the QC-er have to do?

  2. Oh my, I cannot wait for Yuta to hit puberty. He’s gonna be smoking hot…
    Thanks for another beautifully scanlated chapter!

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