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  1. Leeeeez Nooooo, I didn’t want that info confirmed. Sad chapter was sad.

    Thanks for the work as always.

  2. THX guys, u catching up nicely. I wonder when will we start to see some romance, like currygom promised.

  3. “Yuta, catch this thing”-Asha.

    P/S: No!! Is that mean Leez will die sooner? As her ‘old’ age looked like Asha? *sob*

  4. Maybe I’m mistaken but I got the idea that Leez is absorbing the god kubera’s power, so doesn’t that mean she’ll eventually become immortal?
    If this is true the I expect that as she is about to die (her real death) she’ll become a god herself.

    1. That’s a possibility, but gods CAN die, they just get reborn a few hundred years later. Maybe that’s what would happen to her. Or maybe something weird will happen, who knows. She still has a long time to live anyways, the story could go on 10 times longer and she still wouldn’t be as old as we’re seeing her right now, unless there’s an ellipsis.

  5. But didn’t Kubera tell Leez she couldn’t die until he lets her die? That her life belonged to him or some such?

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