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  1. Has the time finally come, where Leez will finally not be mentioned of ugliness anymore? :O

  2. does the wilted plant mean that the magician guy was serious with the hoti yama spell!? kubera is starting to get reaaalll interesting

  3. It’s out! Omg! And it’s Early! THANK YOU SO MUCH for releasing this EPIC chapter so fast! 😀 It’s a Great way to start the weekend! Man, talk about bad morning. xD

  4. I want it to be next week right now! or better make it summer, more kubera to catch up with and good weather~

  5. Boobs…, but no, on a more serious note. Thanks for the fast release. These cliff hangers every week minor or major there their without fail. Who is behind that curtain is going to kill me all week.

  6. Thank you for the release! This chapter was really great. If things continue like this, maybe Ran will forget Rana in the end… However I think how surprised will be Leez, if she`ll look in the mirror. xD

  7. Oh my. Things are getting so freaking exciting. Thank you so much for the surprise release, it made my day!

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