[Currygom Oneshot] Myum-Myum


Here’s a special treat for all you currygom and doomsday fanatics!

[disclaimer]This has nothing to do with Kubera.[/disclaimer] But it’s a good read, nonetheless! Enjoy! 😛

~ Rin, Trebor, Fembot ~

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9 Responses

  1. Thanks for scanlating this! Hahah, at least the people behind the Myum-Myum church were much smarter than the folks behind the 2012 Mayan Calendar nonsense. But whoa, poor guy, it might as well have been the end of the world… I would Not want to live in such a world. D’:

    lol, Currygom linked to her own blog on that poster. xD

  2. rare oportunity to see such great oneshot 🙂
    like diamond cut perfectly – nothing to add, nothing to subtract from story…
    @ Mizura, sorry for spoiling your mood, but u live in such a world, as the rest of us, unfortunatelly

    1. No I don’t. 😛 I’m surrounded by people who are even more atheist than me. There are religious people around me too, but they aren’t “fanatics” and they never bother trying to push their fate on anybody else, so I actually get along just fine with them. I’m aware that this is not the case in a big part of the world, but I’ve thankfully mostly managed to avoid those.

  3. Wow, this is pretty good. I’m undecided if I want this to remain a oneshot or become a series. One the one end, the ending is pretty great, on the other I want more of this. Very different from other manga etc. If anything, it reminds me of 20th Century Boys, but also not really.

    I think I do want more. Anyone else? 😀

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